Boonton Township School district earns reserve extend and award

October 14, 2015 - garden totes

At a Boonton Township Board of Education assembly on Wednesday, Oct. 7, John Murray, Rockaway Valley School (RVS) business administrator, announced that a district will accept $2,400 in a 2015 Safety Grant from a New Jersey School Insurance Group. Previously, RVS perceived such a extend that helped compensate for a Braille classroom marker signs.

Murray also reported that RVS perceived a minute from Anthony Jones, detriment control manager from a New Jersey School Insurance Group, notifying a district that is receiving a 2015 Safety Award. RVS is one of 39 districts out of 400 New Jersey School Insurance Group Workers Compensation pool being famous for implementing “an effective reserve module to minimize workers remuneration costs.” The Board will be famous with a board and $1,000.

Dr. Christian Angelillo announced that a primogenitor portal with 9 icons has been combined to a RVS app. The Falcon 411 idol has been removed. There also will be a RVS Facebook page with a couple to a Twitter account. The page will be for information functions only.

Angelillo pronounced that a propagandize has embraced a judgment of Falcon Pride, and it was reflected in Spirit Day. He pronounced that a eighth graders “led a charge.” He has beheld certain appetite in a propagandize heading to fewer fortify reports. He pronounced that there were usually dual reports, and this is a poignant decrease.

He has beheld STEAM being used in a classrooms and pronounced there will be some-more STEAM presentations to a faculty. He is combining a veteran training knowledge cabinet that will assistance a administration rise bulletin items.

Angelillo met with Police Chief Paul Fortunato to make RVS a safest probable sourroundings for students and staff. On Oct. 13, there was an dusk display on internet reserve for parents, and on Oct. 14, RVS sixth-grade, seventh-grade, and eighth-grade students will have their module on internet safety.

On Oct. 2, there was a display in Rockaway Township by Dr. Bari Erlichson on PARCC. Angelillo pronounced a place was packaged with about 200 member from opposite a state. On Oct. 13, a five-minute video will be finished accessible to relatives on PARCC and a scoring. Sample questions will be finished available. This was never finished with a NJ Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK).

The scoring will be distinct NJASK, and a comparison of scores can't be made. PARCC scoring will be noted one by five. One means expectations have not been met. Five means expectations have been exceeded. The exam will take 3 years to settle a norm. In a initial year, schools and students were adjusting to a exam and procedures. In a second year, modifications will be made. By a third year, students and staff will be informed with a process, and scores should simulate this.

RVS is composting. There is a bear-proof composter outward in a garden, and in a kindergarten class, there is a immaculate steel composter that is vented and filtered.

“Our greening efforts continue,” pronounced Angelillo.

Carina Pizzano, a Mountain Lakes High School tyro and former RVS student, is a new tyro deputy on a Board. She reported to a Board events during a high school, including a changes to homecoming. This year there not usually will be a homecoming black though also a homecoming king.

Board member Ann Bentrovato settled that a former kindergarten teacher, Sue Salsberg, gave a inexhaustible concession for a Green Team garden. Bentrovato pronounced that it was so good to see a former clergyman still giving behind to a students during RVS.

Board member Grace McBride reported on a Home and School Association’s fundraisers. Square One Art went out final week. This fundraiser puts children’s design on products such as H2O bottles and board receptacle bags. The Charleston present hang sale will run for dual weeks starting on Oct. 9, and this year there will be a Thanksgiving cake sale with pies from Hamilton Farms.

The book satisfactory will run from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3. The eighth-grade fundraisers embody a Yankee Candle sale that ends Oct. 16 or online until Jan and a poinsettia sale that will start a finish of November.

The Halloween tailgate, sponsored by HSA and a Boonton Township distraction department, is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 23. Candy concession bins will be set adult soon. Volunteers are indispensable to set adult and support with food preparation.

The Boonton Township Municipal Alliance Committee is doing a fundraiser with North Porch, an classification that helps yield vicious reserve for babies and toddlers in need. They supply diapers, pull-ups, wipes, formula, baby food, and toiletry items. A list will be circulated by class turn with equipment for purchase. The fundraiser will run from Oct. 19 to Nov. 3.

The subsequent HSA assembly will be hold on Tuesday, Nov. 3 during 7 p.m.


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