Bobbi Brown Is Back and Has Moved Beyond Beauty

April 19, 2017 - garden totes

“On a initial day, we walked out of a building, and we felt relief. After service comes anger, sadness, and afterwards excitement,” says Bobbi Brown when we ask what she did in Dec of final year immediately after leaving a eponymous makeup brand she’d founded 25 years ago, intolerable her fans. “I’m someone who doesn’t like to not be happy, so fad kind of took over.”

Brown called her friend, Richard Baker, a executive authority of Hudson’s Bay Company, that owns Lord Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue, to plead operative together. That led to Just Bobbi, a judgment emporium featuring apparel, wellness products, and some beauty products that will seem in 5 opposite Lord Taylor stores (including a NYC flagship, that is open now; Westchester, NY; Garden City, NY; Stamford, CT; and, Oak Brook, IL) and also online.

Photo: Lord Taylor

Anyone who has listened Brown pronounce or review her work when she was a editor-in-chief during Yahoo Beauty knows that wellness is a large seductiveness of hers. Brown also only expelled a book patrician Beauty From a Inside Out, which facilities recipes, tips from wellness experts, and discussions of skincare; a equipment stocked in her new emporium simulate these interests.

Walking around a happy shop-in-shop during a flagship Lord Taylor in NYC, my initial sense was that Bobbi Brown has good taste. The garments are lovable and comfortable, and they askance some-more toward weekend wear — it’s jeans, striped shirts, and athleisure pieces, rather than critical fashion. Expect brands like Joe’s, Karl Lagerfeld, Vince, Theory, and a few T-shirt brands like Good Hyouman, whose deduction advantage charities. There are accessories like Adidas Stan Smith sneakers and elementary totes and bags by Parker Thatch and Ampersand As Apostrophe.

Liz Rodbell, Lord Taylor’s president, says that dialect stores have to do all they can to innovate during this point. “We wish to entertain, and during a same time, we wish to emanate things that are applicable and important,” she says. “This kind of checks all those boxes, and it checks health and wellness as a tip priority for where a consumer is going.”

Photo: Lord Taylor

Rodbell told me that while a store sole some of a brands represented in Just Bobbi previously, it brought in a lot of new merchandise, utterly a wellness products. Right now, we can find Elle Macpherson’s Super Elixir, Dr. Lipman supplements, Bkr H2O bottles, Apa tooth whitening kits, and a preference of books associated to wellness. And yes, there are a few Bobbi Brown beauty products sparse around, yet this emporium is decidedly not about beauty.

That doesn’t meant Brown isn’t still meditative about beauty, though. She still shops for products voraciously, and says she spends days during Ricky’s, melodramatic makeup stores, and a drugstore. “I emporium with curiosity. we consider there’s a lot of creative, engaging things in drugstores during a reduce finish [of a cost spectrum],” she says, yet she declined to name names for me. “And we consider a new Beauty Pie is utterly engaging and a products are indeed unequivocally good.” (She claims she still can’t find a good brownish-red pencil, though. And she also can’t find an organic mascara that is as black as a mainstream version.)

So is Bobbi Brown aiming to emanate a subsequent Goop with this incursion into what feels like a lifestyle brand? She laughs. “I have no idea, and that’s what’s so cold and exciting.”

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