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July 7, 2017 - garden totes

Jul. 6, 2017 / PRZen / SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Beville Gardens has announced a launch of their LUG-A-LOG Wood Carrier Tote. The latest further to their product line comes only in time for outside fun in a summer, as good as assisting people ready for a arriving winter season. The product is designed to fit a accumulation of needs, including those centered around home fireplaces, campouts, hiking, bonfires, and garden projects.

“This record receptacle has been underneath growth for dual years, as we worked with a designers and production to get a accurate right measure and materials. Then it was rigorously tested to safeguard it had a strength and continuance we required. We are all really gratified with a result, and certain a business will be too,” pronounced owners MJ Pase.

The LUG-A-LOG Wood Carrier Tote creates relocating timber easy. The expanded distance of this 43″ by 20″ conduit is designed for absolutely transporting wood, kindling, branches or lumber but removing waste on one’s arms or clothes. The puncture-and-tear-proof conduit allows one to lift even odd-shaped branches, and is totally waterproof. The product also comes with a lifetime guarantee, no questions asked lapse policy.

Said one confident user of a product, “Best thing given sliced bread! Takes most reduction bid to move in my firewood, and afterwards only rolls adult until we need it again. And there are no seams to slice or rip like my final one. we can tell we will happily have a use of this for many years to come.”

“My mother likes a comfortable residence year-round that means many trips behind and onward to get timber to a home fireplace. This conduit has done my pursuit so most easier and faster. My behind and we appreciate we for a good product,” combined another patron who was means to representation a product.

Some of a facilities of Beville Gardens’ LUG-A-LOG Wood Carrier embody a double-layered PVC plain wobble element over a string core that will simply hoop adult to 6 incomparable logs in a singular trip, depending on one’s strength. The conduit comes with a nylon bag for storage, and facilities eucalyptus timber handles.

To learn some-more about a association and a LUG-A-LOG Wood Carrier Tote, greatfully revisit their website One can also hit, or check their Facebook page.

ABOUT BEVILLE GARDENS: Beville Gardens is a family-owned and operated business that takes honour in providing peculiarity products to their customers. They use all their products themselves, and wish people to learn a same adore of a home and garden that they have.

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