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December 31, 2015 - garden totes

Excerpts from military calls are a unchanging underline in all 9 Bee Group newspapers. Some of a some-more surprising reports from 2015 are reprinted here. Each is an tangible inventory from a internal city or encampment military blotter. Illustrations by Julie Halm

A Meadowbrook Parkway masculine pronounced vast skeleton found in his yard were from presumably a plantation animal or a Tyrannosaurus rex.

During a trade stop on Ridge Road, a engineer told military she didn’t have a license: “I haven’t for 30 years.”

A lady was raging given a Main Street bonus store doesn’t sell peanut butter candies in quantities of six.

A Salvation Army proffer was reportedly hidden income from a collection bucket outward a grocery store. She pronounced she had simply forsaken her resin in a bucket and was perplexing to get it out with a behind scratcher.

Chicken was thrown during a man’s lorry some time overnight, and someone stabbed one of his tires, causing it to go flat. Not distant from a house, military located 3 empty, 10-pound bags of boneless, skinless chicken.

A masculine on Como Park Boulevard pronounced 3 dogs got lax and were chasing him while he attempted to expostulate divided on his roving grass mower.
A masculine on Como Park Boulevard pronounced 3 dogs got lax and were chasing him while he attempted to expostulate divided on his roving grass mower.
A Doat Street proprietor told military that $20 of his “weed money” had been stolen.

A masculine was found defunct during a circle of a regulating automobile in a “no parking” section of an Elma business.

A William Street proprietor pronounced a lady mooned him when they argued about rubbish totes.

A lady during a Main Street fast-food grill was raging given she was not given fries with her meal.

Police pronounced a masculine was found with his pants around his ankles in a parking lot of a Dick Road store.

A Delaware Avenue proprietor reported that a lady from a circuitously unit called him a “loser.”

A Meadowbrook Parkway masculine pronounced vast skeleton found in his yard were from presumably a plantation animal or a Tyrannosaurus rex.
A Meadowbrook Parkway masculine pronounced vast skeleton found in his yard were from presumably a plantation animal or a Tyrannosaurus rex.
A masculine was regularly job an ex-girlfriend given she left a butter blade in bed. He wanted to lapse it.

A lady was arrested during a sheriff’s hire picking adult an inebriated friend. She had 3 assent suspensions.

A Shepard Avenue proprietor reported that someone attempted to enter her chateau though instead embellished her door.

A Wainwright Road masculine requested an overnight checkpoint circuitously his home after 28 cents was stolen from his car.

A masculine on Union Road who called courtesy to an inverted American dwindle pronounced he was strike in a face by a owner.

On Kinsey Avenue, a masculine reported that a teen wearing gray shorts and a blue coupler was in a tree above his car.

A pinkish purse found in Depew contained $20, a lighter, a container of cigarettes and an sequence of protection.

A lady during a Cheektowaga unit formidable pronounced someone put photos of a demon all over a corridor walls.
A lady during a Cheektowaga unit formidable pronounced someone put photos of a demon all over a corridor walls.
A Walden Galleria store clerk pronounced she confronted dual women perplexing to shoplift and they dumped unguent on her.

A motorcyclist stopped on Burch Avenue didn’t have a assent though claimed he was not driving; he was “traveling.”

An Evans Street proprietor pronounced her neighbor urinates out of his second-floor window and it lands in a garden.

A “suspicious” masculine seen in Wrazen Park for several evenings pronounced he was there to get divided from his mother for a while.

A lady who strike a parked automobile on Maple Road told military she was incompetent to find a brake.

A Tillotson Avenue masculine pronounced a basketball net left in a travel was infringing on his peculiarity of life.

In Kenmore, dual hardly clad women asked an aged masculine if he wanted to go to a hotel for a good time.

A unit unsuccessful to locate dual donkeys that were reportedly haphazard down Wolcott Road.
A unit unsuccessful to locate dual donkeys that were reportedly haphazard down Wolcott Road.
A unit unsuccessful to locate dual donkeys that were reportedly haphazard down Wolcott Road.

A theme was located after distinguished a pointer on Seneca Street though stability on to a hair appointment.

A Manko Lane lady pronounced she suspicion one of her adjacent tenants stole her assent and her teeth.

A lady during a Walden Galleria business wanted to see an officer given her manicure had been finished incorrectly.

An ex-girlfriend was suspicion to be obliged for a raise of chocolate chips on a hood of a automobile in Lancaster.

A bicyclist chased by 5 people who pronounced he stole a bike had a receipt, use primer and public directions.

A Cheektowaga lady pronounced her beloved changed out and took her mattress, valuables and income she kept in a Bible.

“Suspicious” youths sitting in a parked lorry on Barone Court were only examination a meteor shower.

A Heather Road lady pronounced her neighbor was throwing mothballs into her backyard.

Two people on Elmwood Avenue presumably carrying sex in a automobile were entirely dressed and only watchful for a sleet to stop.

A Walden Galleria store manager pronounced a masculine was “fondling” a mannequins.

At a Broadway gas station, one lady attempted on another’s engineer sunglasses and afterwards left wearing them.

A engineer indicted of pushing fast on Losson Road claimed he was only perplexing to equivocate potholes.

Church fliers weren’t glued to mixed automobile windows on Transit Road, military said. The law-breaker indeed was a mixed of dew and heat.

A masculine though a peddler’s assent was charged given he kept offered bonsai trees out of a outpost in Orchard Park.

A lady during a Cheektowaga unit formidable pronounced someone put photos of a demon all over a corridor walls.

A North Creek Drive masculine pronounced someone shot paint balls all over a outward of his house, though they were indeed bird droppings.

An haphazard engineer in Depew was asked to finish a seriousness test, though he said, “I can’t do that. It’s too hard.”

A Victoria Boulevard proprietor called about 4 p.m. and pronounced a neighbor had been soaking her automobile given 7 a.m.

A lady in Depew pronounced her hermit stole her college textbooks to compensate for a urine sample. He is on probation.

A lady pushing erratically on Central Avenue was also barefoot, notwithstanding carrying dual pairs of boots in a car.

A masculine indolence with a duffel bag during Thruway Plaza was roving to Ohio “so he could be where a continue is warm.”

On Route 219, military reported anticipating 30 grams of pot in a man’s SpongeBob SquarePants lunchbox.

An East Robinson Road lady found a potion doorway crushed and someone’s underwear and pants on her dining room floor.

A Depew masculine put a “Leave Us Alone” pointer on a doorway of his apartment, though someone illuminated it on fire.

A “confused” lady in pinkish pajamas was seen walking in and out of trade on Colvin Boulevard.

A Harlem Road lady reported that a neighbor’s breeze chimes were offensive.

A Vegola Avenue masculine pronounced a pig wearing a strap was extending in a drainage embankment circuitously his home.

A masculine during a Harlem Road laundromat pronounced another masculine took his garments and was regulating them as a blanket.

An East Aurora lady claimed she was a magician and would bake a chateau of kids roving scooters on her sidewalk.

A masculine sleeping in a corridor of a French Road unit formidable pronounced he was too sleepy to enter his residence. A Borden Road lady alerted military that her beloved put something on tip of her apple pie. It was salt.

A lady pushing on Houston Street pronounced a masculine told her she couldn’t park in front of his chateau and called her “fat.”

A lot of screaming entrance from a Barone Court chateau was found to be people examination a Sabres game.

A masculine pronounced to regularly take subs from a Southwestern Boulevard store took a ham underling this past week.

A lady unfortunate with a cake banged on a Meadow Place doorway and threatened a lady who done it.

A lady during a Dick Road grill pronounced a masculine followed her to a bar and attempted to give her flowers. He was ejected.

A Palmdale Drive proprietor reported that her $300 bra was missing.

A masculine indicted of holding paint from a store was arrested during a dental bureau only after his knowledge teeth were removed.

A Newstead masculine was harmed when he fell off a bob where he and his son had been drinking.

A West Hazeltine Avenue proprietor reported that there was a masculine dressed in all black who was regulating opposite lawns and jumping over bushes. He told military he was only walking home.

A teen was reportedly walking in a center of Delaware Road, swatting during cars.

A Wabash Avenue lady reported removing stranded in a bathtub.

A lady reported that during a night she listened shrill banging on her doorway and in a morning found palm prints on her windows. When asked since she hadn’t called military a prior night, she said, “I was scared.”

A white masculine wearing a dark, hooded sweatshirt and shorts reportedly took a signs for Routes 20A, 78 and 16 that were unresolved from a encampment block during a intersection of Olean Road and Main Street during a Taste of East Aurora.

A Kenmore proprietor reported that dual women and one masculine threw a selling transport on his grass and afterwards started streamer toward Kenmore West High School.

An Edgebrook Estates proprietor claimed that a masculine had been holding a bath in a circuitously rivulet and had left on a bicycle.

On Columbia Drive, a proprietor reported that a ill squirrel was haphazard around a backyard. The proprietor pronounced a squirrel seemed to be wild as it was jumping and walking in circles.

A Hamilton Boulevard proprietor reported shrill song nearby. Police spoke with a lady personification a music, and she pronounced she had depressed defunct with it on.

An Enola Avenue proprietor reported that a dog pushed an atmosphere conditioner out of a window onto a driveway.

A French Road proprietor reported that a garden gnome, valued during $75, was stolen from her yard.

A Como Park Boulevard proprietor pronounced he perceived a spiteful minute about a grammatical blunder he had made.

A lady on Meadow Place pronounced she was carrying problems with adjacent tenants. She claimed they were constantly yelling during her, pulsation on a walls and tampering with her laundry. Police suggested a woman’s neighbors to “act their age.”

A masculine on Como Park Boulevard pronounced 3 dogs got lax and were chasing him while he attempted to expostulate divided on his roving grass mower.

A proprietor on Rossler Avenue pronounced a neighbors were singing karaoke so aloud that her walls were shaking.

A Victoria Boulevard proprietor reported that there was a questionable chairman roving a bicycle while carrying dual microwaves.

A masculine allegedly punched another man’s automobile and said, “If we call a cops on me again, I’ll fire you.” The masculine called police.

A blazing smell and a fume detector activation were apparently caused by a masculine withdrawal corn cooking in a pan.

A masculine allegedly stole $144 value of tiny candy bars from a dollar store.

On Darwin Drive, an officer was in an unmarked automobile conducting a special fact when a masculine allegedly attempted to mangle into a vehicle. The teenaged masculine and dual others were held and arrested.

A Stillwell Avenue proprietor reported that a construction organisation circuitously was personification coarse music.

A questionable automobile was reported during Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church. It was a pastor, who had been operative late.

A Lackawanna lady was stopped by military on Seneca Street for pushing approximately 5 mph. During a stop, military celebrated a engineer to have slurred speech. When asked for her assent and registration, she handed a officer her Visa card.

A Harlem Road lady called military after she found her unit ransacked. She pronounced she had been staying with a crony and believed a perpetrator entered her unbarred bedroom window. Her television, valued during $398; bank label and checkbook; and dual bottles of olanzapine pills were taken. The chairman also ate leftover KFC from a refrigerator.

A Harlem Road lady reported that someone had entered her home. She pronounced mixed drawers were opened, her bedding was uneasy and booze was stolen from a fridge.

A Buffalo lady who seemed to be inebriated was roving an estimated 80 mph on Broadway. When pulled over, she told a officer, “I was out of gas. That’s since we was going 80 mph. we could have done it home even on empty.”

An worker during a Harlem Road store told military a masculine non-stop a package of doughnuts. The masculine afterwards asked if he could use a store phone to ask someone to dump off income to compensate for a food.

The manager during a South Rossler Avenue store pronounced a masculine and lady took several pairs of men’s underwear and left a store though paying.

An different particular used a Town of Orchard Park credit label to sequence airline tickets to The Congo for $280.

A proprietor of Allenhurst Road reported that nails were put in front of a tires of her automobile for a past dual days. She also pronounced that on a prior day, a spike punctured a tire as she was attempting to leave a parking lot.

The manager of a Niagara Falls Boulevard grocery store reported an raging lady who was refusing to leave a premises. The manager pronounced a lady became indignant given he could not routine a lottery ticket.

A proprietor of a Foxberry Drive unit reported that her neighbor will intentionally dump complicated equipment in a center of a night, causing disturbances.

A cab engineer reported that a enthusiast was refusing to compensate a transport after being forsaken off during her home on Lawnwood Drive. The engineer pronounced a enthusiast entered her chateau 20 mins before he called police. He pronounced a chairman was ostensible to lapse to a cab to compensate a transport regulating a credit card. Police responded and assisted a engineer in recuperating a fare.

A complainant reported a passed cat in a travel on Lasalle Avenue. However, unit reported that it was not an animal, though a fur collar from a coat.

A brawl on Delaware Avenue concerned a walking who was hire in front of a train given he didn’t consider it would stop for him.

A business on Woodridge Drive put out corn and apples to feed deer, though turkeys were eating a food and walking on vehicles.

A lady on Virginia Road suspicion she was sealed inside her chateau given her doorway wouldn’t open. It was solidified shut.

A engineer streamer easterly on Seneca Street was seen swerving between a line divider and shoulder, and unit instituted a trade stop. When asked for a driver’s assent and registration, a engineer handed unit his cellphone.

A proprietor of Oakview Drive reported that a masculine in his 20s was walking from skill to skill as he peered inside rubbish totes.

At a Niagara Falls Boulevard business, an worker reported that a lady in her mid-40s attempted to take several equipment from a store. The worker pronounced a lady dumped a sell all over a building before regulating out of a building and into a circuitously wooded area.

A Hoerner Avenue lady pronounced a neighbor ripped out a flowers in her yard given he didn’t like a approach they were growing.

Erie County sheriff’s deputies released a sum of 10 trade tickets to a Niagara Falls masculine after interlude his automobile on Grand Island for speeding and a shrill muffler.

An Ernst Place gas hire worker reported and identified a masculine who allegedly shoplifted an iced tea and a package of cigars. Police pronounced a masculine claimed he stole a equipment to seem before a decider in sequence to obtain a insurance sequence from a lady who had been injecting him with unfamiliar DNA.

A Kenmore Avenue proprietor reported a quarrel in a circuitously church parking lot.

Ellen Drive residents were arguing with a relations who allegedly sole their Thanksgiving turkey for drugs.

A passerby on Walden Avenue pronounced dual “suspicious” group seemed to be praying in a center of a parking lot.

A “possibly intoxicated” engineer on Hazeltine Avenue had only taken some wrong turns while observation holiday lights.

A masculine reportedly stole $240 value of teeth-whitening strips from an Alberta Drive business.

Detectives arrested a hotel housekeeper for hidden medication Adderall from a guest of a internal hotel chain.

Two women were arguing outward a Thruway Plaza Drive store about who had a improved boyfriend, and a passerby pronounced one threatened a other.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to examine a thievery of a guest’s motel room. The guest pronounced a medication bottle was taken from a personal bag in a room and H2O spilled over his laptop. While detectives questioned housekeeping staff about a purported burglary, video was recovered by a mechanism forensics lab that showed a lady holding a medication bottle from a guest’s bag and pouring a glass onto a keyboard. Using a recovered laptop video, detectives were means to definitely brand a housekeeper, who certified to intentionally deleterious a laptop given she “could tell that it was recording.”

A Buffalo masculine was stopped for roving 91 mph in a 45-mph section on Transit Road in Clarence. The officer suspected a engineer of DWI.

A proprietor of Graystone Lane was outward when he saw an inflatable masculine resting on a hood of his car. He believes it might be from a former employee. There was also a hole in his garage door. The repairs is estimated during $200.

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