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December 11, 2015 - garden totes

It’s time for a subsequent collection of a Golden Girls Network Gift Guide picks! This time we are focused on a best gifts for a home and kitchen. We’ve found some good ideas for creation your Golden Girl homes cozier and brighter this holiday season!


Melitta Coffee — Who doesn’t need a caffeinated pick-me-up any now and then? We adore these present ideas from Melitta. The 1-cup Pour-Over, allows your Golden Girl to decoction coffee usually like her favorite emporium does, though from a comfort of home (i.e., in her friendly slippers and holiday pajamas)! We also adore a transport Pour-Over — ideal for brewing a crater to take on a road.


Garden Tote from Premier Home Gifts — Our Bonnie loves spending time in a garden of her Golden Girls home. So we were unequivocally vehement to find Premier Home Gift’s Large Garden Tote, that combines preference and practicality in a receptacle anyone with a immature ride would be vehement to use all a time. The receptacle comes with 3 steel gardening collection cumulative in an simply permitted pocket. Plus, a bag is unequivocally good looking, done of durable fabric and has a stain-resistant interior. All for $27.95!


Better Muffin Pan — All home bakers should have this muffin pan! Made by a same association as a famous Edge Brownie Pan, this vessel is good for baking muffins, cupcakes, cornbreads, and more! Plus it’s usually $35.95.


Phone Fetcher — We’ve all been in this situation, conference a call or calm presentation and afterwards not being means to find a phone in a bottom of a purse. Enter a PhoneFetcher! PhoneFetcher attaches to any purse, bag or even a belt loop on one finish and a earphone jack of a smartphone on a other. For usually $14.99 we can assistance your friends never remove their phones again.


AquaNotes — Sometimes we get a best ideas in a shower! The AquaNotes notepad suctions to a showering wall and lets showering thinkers to write down their thoughts before they’re gone. The waterproof paper is so durable it can even be created on underwater. The waterproof notepads are usually $7 and any one includes 40 sheets of seperated paper so it’s easy to take good ideas from showering to a bureau or even a grocery store. What a good invention!


AquaCamel — Have a snowbird in your life? Whether your Golden Girl is streamer to Florida for a winter or her kids’ houses for a weekend, this self-watering plant pot keeps plants ideally hydrated for adult to 60 days. AquaCamel is accessible in dual sizes, starting during usually $24.99.


Tomodachi Photoreal 12 Piece Set — A good set of knives is pivotal to scheming a good meal, and we adore a demeanour of this set. These knives have bold, bright-colored, soothing hold handles and beautifully minute print prints featuring life-like images of your favorite fruits and veggies. This set has all your chef-friend would need, including an 8″ Chef blade with sheath, 8″ Bread blade with sheath, 7″ Santoku blade with sheath, 5.5″ Santoku blade with sheath, 3.5″ Parer with sheath, and 4″ Citrus blade with sheath. And a easy to digest $49.99 cost tag!


Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker — There’s zero utterly like a high potion of iced tea on a prohibited summer day and this pitcher will concede your friends and desired ones to decoction that crater even quicker! The Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker from Takeya chills creatively brewed tea in seconds, locking in freshness, season and nutrients during a peak. This pitcher prepares dual quarts of iced tea during a time — and it usually costs $29.99.

Bonnie Moore, 70, is a President and Founder of Golden Girls Network, a usually national network that helps mature adults find roommates and entrance a resources they need to make common vital work. She is also a author of How to Start a Golden Girls Home.

*This essay initial seemed on a Golden Girls Network blog.

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