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July 15, 2016 - garden totes

The Harlan women (clockwise from left), Tricia, Paige, Kylie and Delaney, uncover off their balloon-landing treasures.

The Harlan women (clockwise from left), Tricia, Paige, Kylie and Delaney, uncover off their balloon-landing treasures.

Several weeks after a 10th Annual Chester County Balloon Festival was hold during New Garden Township’s Flying Field in Toughkenamon, a handful of area residents are stability to celebrate.

Lori Williams (left) and Deb Harding prepared to warn a Harlans with their prerogative for carrying a balloon land in their front yard.

Lori Williams (left) and Deb Harding prepared to warn a Harlans with their prerogative for carrying a balloon land in their front yard.

On Thursday, Jul 14, 3 sets of homeowners landed prizes that could be deliberate a windfall. After all, their good happening was contingent in partial on a weather.

Because hot-air balloons rest on a prevalent breezes, pilots mostly can’t select their alighting site. But when they finish adult forward into someone’s yard, they continue a tradition that dates behind to 18th-century France: The landowner gets a bottle of champagne.

The Chester County Balloon Festival goes a step further: In further to a bubbly, a landowners any get a raffle ticket. Over a march of a three-day festival, 25 balloons flew 3 times each, ensuing in 75 landings, pronounced Deb Harding, executive executive of a festival. From those names, 3 won totes superfluous with flight-themed sell and present certificates for area attractions and restaurants.

For Harding and Lori Williams, one of her associates, personification Santa in Jul is a lot of fun. They enjoyed forward on a winners on Thursday, a tour that started during a Harlan chateau in East Marlborough Township before stability on to winners in Landenberg and Avondale.

“Wow! we consider we did flattering good here,” pronounced Tricia Harlan as Williams and Harding described a family’s second-place prize, that enclosed a stay-cation during a Fairville Inn, present certificates for Victory Brewing Company and a Eagle Tavern, Longwood Gardens tickets, and many more.

Her 3 daughters, Paige, Kylie and Delaney, were equally impressed. Delaney, a youngest, remembered being outward on a behind porch and conference her father contend that he suspicion he listened a hot-air balloon. Summoning a knowledge that being a sixth-grader brings, Delaney pronounced she didn’t consider so.

Then a phone rang. “Our neighbor said, ‘Go outward right now,’” removed Tricia Harlan. One balloon had landed in their front yard, and another was a brief stretch divided on a street.

Acknowledging that her father, Michael Harlan, had been right, Delaney described him as a many vehement about a experience. “He called it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” she said. And that was before a raffle triumph.

Kylie, who’s in eighth grade, pronounced she even got to go for a brief balloon ride, that was also a treat.

“The people in a balloon were really friendly,” pronounced Tricia Harlan. “The whole knowledge was good fun.”

She pronounced a family, longtime fans of a Balloon Festival, had no thought that a procession exists to inspire balloonists to land in certain yards. The Harlan family will be prepared subsequent year, she said.

For those who wish to be in a using for a excavation valued during some-more than $500 any that includes present certificates trimming from Air Ventures to a Duling-Kurtz House to Avondale Natural Foods, here’s a drill: Spread an aged bedsheet, cloth, or vast paper noted with an “X’” or “OK to land here” on a grass or field, or tie helium balloons to a mailbox. Then awaken a breeze to cooperate.

Harding pronounced assemblage doubled during this year’s event, sketch an estimated throng of between 22,000 and 25,000 people, and she voiced thankfulness for a support of a village as good as a event’s many donors. The festival’s augmenting recognition constructed some trade tie-ups for that Harding apologized, adding that stairs will be taken to make certain they don’t start again.

But before she starts creation skeleton for subsequent year’s festival, Harding skeleton to toast Citadel. It supposing a festival with some-more than 100 bottles of champagne.


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