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December 14, 2014 - garden totes

Autumn Embers

The Autumn Embers Extension Homemakers bar met on Nov. 25 during a home of Lori Chadd who welcomed everybody to her Inside-Out Vintage Home Garden Antique Shop. The outward entrance was embellished with holiday lights. The guest walked opposite a grass to her residence for a meeting. Everyone collected around a dining list for juicy tumble refreshments. Those attending a assembly were; Chadd, Denise Dossett, Lorie Servies, Barb Tatum, Susie Keffer, Carla Bridwell, Patty Linn, Mary Melvin and dual immature guest Josie and Azure Hartwell.

President Melvin welcomed everybody and led a Flag salute, Club Creed and Mission Statement. Members answered hurl call by revelation how they keep Christmas decorations orderly and stored. Secretary Dossett review report. Treasurer Chadd gave financial report. Donations have been done to Mental Health of Montgomery County, Walnut Township Angel Tree and Family Nutrition Holiday Event. Melvin and Carla Bridwell also attended and helped during a Family Nutrition Holiday Event and gave a report. Melvin along with County President Jennifer Shadle set-up a counter during a Volunteer Expo sponsored by a Montgomery County Community Foundation. Nice eventuality for those who wish to make a disproportion by volunteering. Great event to assistance anyone get concerned in a village where they live.

New Business enclosed creation skeleton for a Dec meeting, hosted by Barb Tatum in her home on Tuesday, Dec. 16 during 6:30 p.m. The thesis is “Ugly Sweater Party”. Members are invited to puncture out those nauseous sweaters and in a giving suggestion move any concession for a internal FISH Pantry. Those who would like to attend in a cookie sell can move 1 dozen cookies to trade and emanate a image of 12 opposite kinds of cookies to take home. Barb will forewarn bar of dish plans.

Melvin gave a personality doctrine on- “Digging Out Holiday Décor – Easy If Stored Properly”. Some tips were to store in tone coded storage bins such as orange for Fall and red or immature for Christmas. Designate a storage mark such as attics or occasionally used closets. Sort and reinstate as we go; mislay anything that is pennyless or ragged over repair. Label totes to know what is inside. Keep a using list or register so we don’t buy duplicates. Shop pre- or post-season sales to get a best price.

If we are meddlesome in anticipating out some-more about Extension Homemakers call a Purdue Extension Office during 364-6363.

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