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March 11, 2017 - garden totes

Life is an ongoing journey for internal artist and author Julie Dawson. Her latest devise is to open a Pop Up store on 135 North Woodward in Birmingham from Friday, Mar 17 to Sunday, Apr 2. It will be open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and noon to 5 p.m., on Sundays.

“I wish people will come and move friends and that store owners will be meddlesome in my merchandise,” explains Dawson. She is a good loved-watercolor artist who has paintings in many private homes, non-profits, companies and churches. Her murals adorn a Beaumont Pediatric Rehab Department, CARE House of Oakland County, and a Macomb County Hospital Pediatric Emergency Room.

She is a renouned orator during internal organizations revelation about her endless universe travels, her paintings, flowers, book about bells of a universe and her Sillybilly characters. Dawson’s pleasing garden has been featured on many garden tours.

Julie and her late husband, Peter, trafficked to 101 countries experiencing in-depth contacts with people in many cultures. She explained, “We trafficked alone so we were means to poke around, accommodate people and see life styles.” She took over 15,000 photos of bells and chose 500 of them to underline in her book about bells.

Dawson was a guest on Live in Detroit final week. She common information about her many products.

In her Pop Up store Dawson will underline over 60 products including her paintings, her coffee list book on bells, lithographs of paintings, scarves, neckties, T shirts, tiles, aprons, onesies, bibs, purses, sham cases, note cards, place mats and receptacle bags. Sillybilly books and activities for children will also be featured.

“People will have an event to squeeze something truly singular by a Birmingham artist,” pronounced Dawson. “My wish is that we can move fun and beauty to other people. we use watercolor paints to constraint colors and vibrancy and tell a story. we now have things on Etsy and Amazon.”

Dorie Shwedel is a fan of Dawson’s art. She noted, “The Pop Up store is a good idea. Her things are so good and this gives some-more people a possibility to see her unique, smashing art items.”

One of Dawson’s singular creations is a kaleidoscope portrayal giving 8 repeating images of pivotal events in a life of a person, non-profit, company, city, or school. “I have finished 135  of these, any might take adult to 200 hours,” she said.

Barbara Allen reminisced about operative with Julie on dual kaleidoscope projects, one for a crony and one for her church. “It was a pleasure to get to know her by this artistic process,” Allen said. “She incorporated my ideas into any work of art and a bond we done was really suggestive to me.”

“Julie’s present is her design though also her ability to bond with people. She is truly meddlesome in bargain a elements that make an particular or classification unique. This is what creates a kaleidoscope a ideal art form for her,” added Muriel VanDyke of North Hills Christian Reformed Church. Their kaleidoscope decorates a corridor of a church.

Now by a Pop Up store, a wider village can knowledge a excellent talents of Birmingham artist Julie Dawson for a few weeks in Mar and April.

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