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March 27, 2017 - garden totes

Q: What is an easy process for starting a unfeeling garden in a lifted bed?

A: One approach is to simply lay card over an area we wish to plant, afterwards swap with compost, garden dirt and topsoil to make a fascinating planting bed. Vegetables cite loose, loamy soil. This should be placed in full sun. Be certain a lifted bed is during slightest 10 to 12 inches in height. Most common vegetables will grow utterly good in a lifted bed.

Many gardeners have also detected a joys of gardening in 5 gallon pails or storage totes. Simply emanate drainage holes in a bottom and fill it with a loose, organic garden soil.

Q: Where can we see tundra swans as they quit by Wisconsin?

A: There are many good spots only see them as they work their approach west by a state. Horicon Marsh, Collins Wildlife Area, Goose Pond Sanctuary, Lake Winnebago, a west seaside of Green Bay and a Wolf River bottoms are renouned swan examination destinations.

Q: How can we keep voles out of my garden?

A: There are many excellent garden products that work to repel voles. There are a series of granules, as good as sprays that can be used. However, in my opinion, earthy barriers and simply cleaning adult your garden area work best. Voles take advantage of prolonged weed and foliage during winter. Keeping a weed mowed late in a fall, and cleaning adult additional foliage will keep their numbers down. Protect profitable trees and shrubs from repairs by surrounding them with a feet far-reaching ring of pea gravel. Voles do not like to transport over a severe surface.

Q: Can we give some plant selections for a night garden?

A: Casa Blanca oriental lily is one of my favorites. Also, hulk flowering tobacco. Silvery plants, such as lambs ears and Dusty Miller make good accents. Plants that freshness in white are favored, generally those with a complicated fragrance, that is amplified after dark. White Swan coneflower, white daylilies, along with white lush hostas such as Stained Glass, Guacamole and Fragrant Bouquet are good choices. Annuals that freshness in white embody petunias, honeyed alyssum, stock, moonflower, white honeyed peas, white snapdragons, white zinnias and cosmos.

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