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December 9, 2015 - garden totes

Bringing excellent art into your home doesn’t have to entail strenuous amounts of investigate or conference or budgeting or behest – activities that for determined congregation tend to be fun and for would-be art buyers can be officious intimidating. The Internet provides easier ways, with online galleries such as Saatchi Art and Zatista specializing in a direct, comparatively painless sale of originals, prints and singular editions. For organic objects and seat by visible artists, there’s Artware Editions.

Inspired by a sensibility of Marian Goodman’s Multiples – a pioneering store clinging to artist’s editions, determined in New York in 1965 – Artware offers objects that have both application and (to directly quote a gallery’s mission) “a clever visible and unpractical tie to a artists’ incomparable bodies of work.”

Kusama towel

A beach/bath towel designed by eminent Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama captures her signature use of confidant color. Available from Artware Editions. (James Ewing / Artware)

Both rising and determined artists are represented, as are a accumulation of cost points. These embody tea towels by Louise Borgeois ($50 each); porcelain plates featuring paintings by Kehinde Wiley ($99 each); colourful beach/bath towels by a likes of Yayoi Kusama ($95) and John Baldessari ($200�$600); and a glass-topped, black walnut coffee list by Sol LeWitt ($16,500), to name a few examples. For gifting purposes, there’s copiousness to select from within opposite cost ranges – underneath $100, underneath $500 and so on – from mugs and totes to ornaments and blankets.

Of course, we can unequivocally stir someone by presenting him/her with an iconic Yves Klein coffee list in bullion leaf, rose colouring or International Klein Blue colouring (price not disclosed online), though maybe an art mop by Craig Damrauer ($27.50), emblazoned with a comical summary “Modern Art = we Could Do That + Yeah, But You Didn’t” might be some-more within a holiday budget.

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Laura Pearson is a freelance writer.

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