Art Gallery launch crowdfunding to move Leisure Land Golf to garden

February 21, 2017 - garden totes

York Art Gallery is anticipating to strike a hole in one and move slicing corner contemporary art to a heart of York this summer with Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf.
The work is a entirely playable mini golf march with any hole designed by a contemporary artist, including Turner Prize shortlisted Yinka Shonibare and John Akomfrah OBE. It was initial shown during a Venice Biennale in 2015.
Beyond a sculptural luminosity of a works it is hoped visitors will bond with critical informative topics, including: migration, tellurian warming and globalisation.

Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf

York Art Gallery are anticipating to move 7 of a holes to a Artists Garden this summer by lifting a supports by a Art Fund’s crowdfunding height Art Happens.

To be successful a £10,000 of appropriation needs to be lifted by Mar 23.

If successful Leisure Land Golf would be in York from Jun 2 to Sep 3.

Doug Fishbone said:

“I am looking brazen to operative on this debate to move Leisure Land Golf to York.

The Artists Garden is a pleasing and singular space that would yield a illusory backdrop to a artworks.

I unequivocally wish a debate is successful and that a march becomes a fun, enchanting and thought-provoking further to a Gardens over a summer months.”

Laura Turner, comparison curator of art during York Art Gallery, said:

“Leisure Land Golf is such an enchanting and innovative design that we would adore to move to York.

The “crazy golf” march offers an permitted and interactive approach of enchanting with contemporary works of art by rarely reputable general artists.

We consider it would be a really renouned and fun designation for a Artists Garden this summer.”


Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf

The gallery have teamed adult with Doug Fishbone, a course’s creator, to offer a operation of bespoke rewards for those who support a project, to safeguard a golf comes to York. The rewards operation from disdainful totes bags, prints, an entice to an disdainful dusk private perspective to a turn of crazy golf with a artist himself. To play a march will cost £3, though many rewards embody a giveaway turn of golf.

To see all a rewards and to present greatfully go to

Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf is a furloughed muster by New Art Exchange (NAE), Nottingham. The Exhibition was creatively consecrated by EM15, a common of humanities organisations from a East Midlands, for a #56 Venice Biennale.

More information on a holes:

John Akomfrah OBE examines a mediated images of death, in sold of unarmed African Americans shot by military in a United States in new years, where a hoodie, a entire dress of a disenfranchised youth, becomes a hazard to a standing quo.

Doug Fishbone depicts a doomed Costa Concordia, a journey boat driven onto a rocks off a seashore of Tuscany. Like few other symbols, a complicated journey boat embodies a disorderly contradictions during work in capitalism’s prolongation and smoothness of a convenience knowledge – firm category divisions, out-of hold care that falls detached in a crisis, offshore set-ups designed to evasion a taxation man, insusceptibility to a workers and to a impact on a environment.

Ellie Harrison speculates that a UK as an island state is expected to sojourn ascetic as tellurian temperatures continue to arise and many tools of a universe turn uninhabitable. The surreptitious impact of this on a UK could be a large liquid of “climate refugees”, creation a stream recoil and passion towards immigrants we are now witnessing in Europe seem trivial.

Yinka Shonibare MBE explores a complexity of contemporary African temperament and energy family between a West and Africa. The football representation becomes a site for a onslaught for mercantile survival, played out by a African football actor for both himself and his team. This bomb tragedy is represented by a fungus cloud of footballs flashy with Shonibare’s signature African textiles.

Hetain Patel’s squatting figure exhibits a evil viewpoint of India that is usually adopted by a operative and reduce classes. The banishment of this viewpoint to Europe in a diversion of mini golf – itself a operative category convenience activity – frames industrial informative exchange, privately prolongation lines concerned in import/export.

Eyal and Ines Weizman presents an preoccupied scale indication of Kaliningrad, before famous as Konigsberg, a city in Russia connected by 7 bridges over a River Pregel. The aim of a game, formed on a famed mathematical maze of a Seven Bridges of Konigsberg, is to lapse to your starting indicate by personification a round opposite any overpass once only, a clearly unfit task. The problem was unwittingly solved by RAF bombers during a final months of WWII, who done a track passable by demolishing dual of a strange bridges.

Reactor – an additional hole combined for when Leisure Land golf was shown during a new Art Exchange in Nottingham. Unlike many tiny golfing greens where depictions of a universe are pared down to tiny size, a other sculptures on Reactor’s immature are
crudely scaled-up, branch artless and bland objects into hazards for players to overcome.

Doug Fishbourne Golf

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