Aplat, a Designer of Chic Culinary Totes, Launches a New Line of Zero Waste Designed Pantry Pouches and Bowl …

August 13, 2018 - garden totes

San Francisco-based Aplat currently announced an enlargement to their Bread and Pantry Collection with a full line of cupboard pouches for storing bread, uninformed furnish and other cupboard equipment and an enlargement to their Culinary and Kitchen Collection with a line of singular rectangle and turn covers for culinary dishes. These new products are a healthy further to Aplat’s existent 0 rubbish designed products for carrying and pity food, wine, and garden.

The Pochettes: The choice to cosmetic bags, a washable and reusable cupboard pouches are a best resolution for storing all kinds of food, from bread and grains to spices and uninformed produce. Made from additional durable and breathable organic string to keep food uninformed longer, a pouches are ideal for both a fridge and freezer. They come in 4 sizes from vast to additional tiny bag size. The Aplat Pochette line has won a 2018 NYNOW Sustainability Award and will be featured in a categorical opening gymnasium to a Javits Center during NYNOW.

The Couvres: The Aplat covers are done from 100% organic string board constructed from environmentally accessible tolerable fibers. The turn covers come in 3 sizes, while a rectangle covers are accessible in dual sizes. In gripping with Aplat’s pattern beliefs of sustainability and 0 rubbish in manufacturing, a Aplat Couvre line’s easy drawstring pattern resolution eliminates a need for poisonous effervescent bands and provides a some-more secure fit.

Aplat is featuring their new products, along with their existent endowment winning Culinary Design Collection, during NYNOW in Booth 4017.


NYNOW is a heading tradeshow for a home, lifestyle and present marketplace with over 2,400 exhibitors showcasing innovative, design-led products.

About Aplat

Aplat is a San Francisco-based association conceptualizing stylish culinary totes to lift and share food, wine, and garden – 0 rubbish in pattern and production for 0 rubbish living. Aplat’s passion is to broach a suggestive lifestyle knowledge that is tolerable from farm-to-factory-to list by their law products. The Company’s origami pattern beliefs embody rarely engineered folds that emanate volume for gigantic product creativity and concede a rejecting of all hardware for higher product peculiarity and duty to final generations.

Press Contact

Name: Shujan Bertrand, Aplat Inc.

Mobile: (415) 283-6053

Email: shujan(at)aplat.com

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