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August 7, 2015 - garden totes

What gardeners need is fundamentally a same a universe over: usually adequate sun, not too many rain, and, from time to time, some pleasantly good advice.

In North Carolina, that final need is met by “The Weekend Gardener,” a call-in uncover on WPTF 680 AM that is celebrating 30 years on a air.

From 8 to 11 a.m. any Saturday – even in winter – hosts Mike Raley and Anne Clapp discuss about plants and pests and take calls from folks looking for unsentimental answers to their gardening problems.

I’m always astounded by a series of people who listen to us who wouldn’t know a rose from a petunia.

Anne Clapp

Frequently, they take a uncover on a road, visiting garden shops and events around a area to get some facetime with listeners. When they visited Big Bloomers Flower Farm, a garden emporium nearby Sanford, a integrate of weeks ago, Nancy Kilpatrick was prepared with some questions – and evidence.

While a hosts paused for a hire break, Kilpatrick, who lives in Pinehurst, showed them a essence of some cosmetic bags she’d stashed in a pocket. One contained a stays of some shelled insects that stumped a hosts, though other baggies contained something they famous right away. The speckled tomato plant leaves she showed were pang from elementary wilt, they told her. The zelkova leaves in another bag had a worse problem: bacterial blight. So Kilpatrick, an organic gardener, had some work cut out for her, though still she walked divided smiling.

She’s listened to Raley and Clapp on “Weekend Gardener” for a final 5 years, she said, to get answers for her possess problems as good as to advantage from a recommendation a hosts give others.

“I contend ‘Oh yeah, we had that problem,’ so I’m all ears usually to listen to what their resolution is,” Kilpatrick said. “They’re unequivocally knowledgeable. They’ve been traffic with this for a prolonged time. They’re a experts! So that’s a answers we wish to get.”

Throughout a morning, Raley and Clapp – assimilated by revisit guest Rufus Edmisten (yes, THAT Rufus Edmisten, a one who served a summons to a White House for a Watergate tapes, afterwards returned to North Carolina for a domestic career that enclosed portion as profession ubiquitous and secretary of state and using for administrator in 1984) – took calls and interviewed guest during a store, including owners Gail Foushee and visiting hummingbird consultant Susan Campbell. Their interactions with guest and listeners were comfortable and informal, with Raley seeking many of a questions, Clapp providing contribution and recommendations, and Edmisten peppering his recommendation with stories and humor. In between some critical gardening talk, they laughed with any other and chatted about family, food and vacations. Three hours upheld as fast as a zephyr when you’re planting bulbs.

That ease, secure in an basic grounds of useful advice, engaging contribution and peaceful admonitions to gardeners to be patient, is a show’s strength, according to a hosts.

“It’s like going to revisit family, like a reunion any weekend,” pronounced Raley, who was tapped to take over a long-running “Tar Heel Gardener” uncover when N.C. State University highbrow John H. Harris late in 1985. He described a uncover as a reversion to a prior epoch in radio, when listening was an shun from a world’s problems.

Plenty of people come along for that escape, and over a years a uncover has stretched from 15 minutes, when Raley initial took over, to a tide three-hour slot. Now, it’s one of WPTF’s many renouned shows, with an normal 5,000 listeners per entertain hour and an normal time spent listening during around 90 minutes.

Not all of a listeners are zealous gardeners; in fact, some aren’t gardeners during all.

“I’m always astounded by a series of people who listen to us who wouldn’t know a rose from a petunia,” pronounced Clapp, a master gardener. “They contend it’s since we’re good and we’re ease and it’s usually pleasing to listen to.”

Annette Rivera of Sanford has been listening to a uncover a integrate of years, she said. But it’s usually been recently, when she became a vegetarian, that she’s turn some-more critical about gardening. She’s always found a uncover useful and entertaining, she pronounced during final month’s Big Bloomers appearance, when she stopped by to ask a hosts about a lifespan of unfeeling seed packets. And now she’s listening some-more closely.

“They explain things so good that they make it easy for you,” she said.

Gardening together

On a day of a Big Bloomers broadcast, Raley, Clapp and Edmisten took calls from all over a Triangle about topics timely to a deteriorate – crape myrtles that exclude to bloom, brownish-red spots in a lawn, mildewing garden vegetables, branch-trimming worries. Sometimes they knew a answer right away, nodding intentionally as a tourist unfolded a question, and other times they pulpy for sum as Clapp consulted well-worn anxiety books from a well-worn receptacle bag she carried to a broadcast.

“There’s a lot of accumulation in what we do,” Clapp said, “but it’s not during all surprising for us on one Saturday morning to have 5 or 6 people call and ask a same question.”

That’s a conditions they don’t mind during all, Clapp insisted, and, as Raley forked out, it highlights a show’s energy to remind gardeners they’re all in this together.

“Many people are carrying a same problems with black mark on their rose, or their hydrangeas aren’t lush … or because this is function to a unfeeling garden,” Raley said. “It usually depends on what’s lush or what’s growing, and a lot of people competence be carrying a same problem.”

Sustaining a show’s longevity (70 years, if we count from a commencement of “Tar Heel Gardener” in 1945) is a persistence of gardening as a hobby from era to generation.

Gardening is still one of a tip hobbies in a U.S., Edmisten forked out, and specialties like rooftop gardening and beekeeping assistance pull new gardeners and keep some-more gifted ones interested. That ensures a solid tide of listeners who wish recommendation and commiseration.

“You can garden anywhere,” Edmisten said, “and they’re going to have a same problems.”

Raley sees no extent to a show’s popularity, and no reason to change what has prolonged been a successful formula.

“As prolonged as WPTF is on a air, we consider there will be a ‘Weekend Gardener,’” he said. “I wish and urge there is, and we wish a 3 of us are around to do it for many some-more years.”


What’s in Anne’s bag?

During “Weekend Gardener” broadcasts, Anne Clapp dips into a receptacle bag of anxiety books to assistance answer callers’ questions. Here are some of her favorite resources:

1. “The Southern Gardener’s Book of Lists,” by Lois Trigg Chaplin (Taylor Trade Publishing, 1994).

This book lists plants in categories such as fast-growing trees, best peonies and plants for several dirt types. “A lot of people steal my copy,” Clapp said, “and finish adult shopping their own.”

2. “Carolina Lawns” (N.C. Cooperative Extension, 2009).

3. “Southern Living Garden Problem Solver,” edited by Steve Bender (Oxmoor, 1999).

Clapp calls this book her favorite reference.

4. “Carolinas Getting Started Garden Guide,” by Toby Bost (Cool Springs Press, 2015).

“It’s for people who unequivocally don’t know anything about several forms of plants,” pronounced Clapp, who’s been giving this newly published book as a marriage showering gift. “It’s a elementary approach for new gardeners to learn some things.”

5. “Practical Rose Gardening,” by Inger Palmstierna (Skyhorse Publishing, 2015).

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