A Place To Call Home: Boyd family carries on 100-year tradition in South Kona

June 13, 2015 - garden totes

For accurately 100 years, Fujihara Store has been during a core of something special in South Kona, that Dusty Boyd stumbled on utterly by accident.

A flashback to 14 years ago finds Boyd, now 50, artificial from a life on a go in corporate Los Angeles. The former arch financial officer for Teleport Communications Group found himself in a parking lot of a Kealia store, entrance down tough off an romantic deficiency yet leave.

He beheld a upsurge of amiability going usually in and out of a place, and sensed something he was inspired for — a feeling of community.

A decade and a half after shopping a establishment, he’s watched fathers learn sons how to fish and has bartered with them over a catch. Eyes that used to hardly look over a corner of a opposite now glance turn during him. People contend things to him like, “Hey Dusty, we da mayor. What they throwing during Hookena?” And he knows a answer.

It’s been an consecutive upsurge of a tie fostered decades ago by Madeline Fujihara Leslie, already an aged lady when Boyd introduced himself that initial day.

“I said, wow this store is busy,” Boyd recounted Thursday. “She said, ‘Yes it is, yet I’m kinda tired.’”

On a handshake, a dual struck adult a understanding where Boyd would buy a business and Leslie would be authorised to stay for life in a residence behind a store, where she cared for her failing husband.

When he initial took over, a store was complicated on fishing rigging and Japanese products, and light on presentation. Early on, Leslie was murmur to Boyd a fewer pointers for success.They didn’t embody beer.

The vast tip was ice.

Areas south of a store are off a grid, and to this day, many folks stop in for 20 to 30 pounds of ice. That’s their refrigerator, Boyd said. Fishermen fill coolers a distance of a vast case with ice.

Leslie knew a appetite of cold, and she worked it.

“She would make retard ice. we quit doing that; it’s unequivocally tricky. She said, ‘I bought this behind mountain with ice. we possess it all from creation ice.’”

Back in 1915, a strange store had been determined only opposite a travel by Kohei Fujihara, according to a Kona Historical Society. Fujihara’s wife, Lily Haae, died during age 32, plunging Leslie into a universe of grown-up responsibilities. As a eldest daughter, a lady left seventh class to assistance with her father’s store and 7 siblings. Even before to that, however, she was most regulating a store by a time she was 8 years old, Boyd said.

The strange store was changed from leased belligerent to a mark only opposite a highway in 1966 — land that Leslie purchased while also regulating a fish marketplace in Kealakekua.

Following in her steps, Boyd gave adult a oppulance of 3,000-square-foot homes and a posh Southern California existence in that he had “denied himself nothing.” He changed into a structure during a behind of a store that used to residence a ice machines, and he started a family. Boyd has not looked behind to a aged life.

Instead, he stood in a store Thursday morning, with his mother Susan and his immature son and daughter, Denali and Everest, behind a register assisting out. As a parking lot unexpected filled, Boyd famous 3 generations of one internal family.

One member of that family, “Braddah Hose,” had a smoothness of uninformed vegetables. Hose has combined a vast village garden that feeds 5 internal churches and gives a gardening tract to seniors so they can be active outdoors.

“I plant flowers for a eyes; this is for a belly,” Hose explained as he eliminated a annuity to a arms of a Boyd family and finished a discerning trade for a bag of lychees.

Like a Fujihara kids before them, a Boyd children make themselves useful in a store, bagging ice and regulating tiny and discerning hands for easy stocking of shelves, Susan Boyd said.

The family is ceaselessly astounded by how many people come in a store.

Besides being a clearinghouse for report and happenings, a tiny yellow and red building also has a unsentimental allure: cold six-packs of soda and beer, hotdogs for $1.25 — that go out a doorway to a balance of 100 a day — wasabi peas, lychees, and even staples like pet food and rice.

The same lady has been creation a trays of sandwiches and musabi for decades. Boyd can’t figure out how she doesn’t skip a day. The vast flush jar of preserved mango for sale in a cooler is prepared by his neighbor.

In Boyd’s early days during a store, Leslie was always bustling out back, pulling adult weeds, never negligence down. Boyd dignified her industry. An Ironman triathlete himself, he has climbed some of a world’s top peaks to advantage girl groups and has finished endless munificent work in Nepal. He is also a owner of a Hookena children’s summer camp, now in a second year and attended by about 40 children.

Life in South Kona wasn’t always a cakewalk, though, as Boyd schooled a ropes. It seemed a harder he threw his L.A. appetite around, a some-more jumbled things became.

But some-more internal knowledge set him straight, including a sip from a priest of a Pukaana Congregational Church, only opposite a road. Her difference became something Boyd has not forgotten.

“She comes in and says, ‘Dusty, relax. You don’t possess this store; you’re only caretaking it. You’re gonna pass, yet a store will stay. It’ll always be here.’”

On Sunday, Fujihara Store commemorates a 100th birthday, with giveaway coffee mugs so a Boyds don’t go by so many disposable cups. And receptacle bags will be given divided since business always seem to reason all in their arms.

They’ll applaud a home that Leslie finished — and that a Boyds are blissful to now call their own.

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