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February 26, 2015 - garden totes

Stacy Saucier Beardslee, 44 of Denver started a children’s wardrobe line- Callie Baby – in 2014. Stacy has been sewing for years and creation things for friends and family, though motionless to spin her passion into a business. Her thought is to keep pricing reasonable so everybody can means to have during slightest one special dress for their daughter or something from her Charm line for their son! Keep reading to learn some-more about this extraordinary internal wardrobe line!

Q. How did we get a thought for Callie Baby?

A. we have always desired selected fabrics and heirloom designs. we started sewing 8 years ago and have not stopped since. The thought to mix a dual came solemnly as we started sewing handbags and totes initially.

I couldn’t pass a fabric store though going in and spending hours in sky usually forgetful of all a things we could do with a fabrics that we loved. You can usually make so many purses, so we started creation dresses for my nieces. That is how a initial thought started and it has been a delayed though healthy course from there to where we are today.

I named a business after my daughter. When Callie was younger everybody called her “Callie Baby”, so it was a ideal name for a children’s line.

Q. How prolonged have we been sewing?

A. 8 Years

Q. What all does Callie Baby make?

A. We pattern and make children’s panoply in sizes from 3 months to 10 yearsSome designs are extended adult to age 12, though it depends on a style. Our concentration is on updating classical styles for girls and boys.

For a girls we have dresses and sets in string and linens. We do small child rompers and we always have a relating crawl tie for a collections.

Most of a collections have a smaller lady piece, an comparison sister square and afterwards a coordinating hermit item.

Q. How does a routine work- who designs a clothes? Manufactures them?

A. we pattern a panoply and select a colors and fabrics. Once a pattern is finish we work with a prolongation association who cuts and sews a garments.

We worked with a fanciful prolongation residence out of New Orleans for a initial recover and are operative with them again for collection to be expelled this summer. It is a female-owned association that employs women who are in need. It is an extraordinary judgment and they are lenient these women by training them a ability and giving them a job.

I wish to work with them on as many designs as possible. We will always try to source from internal sources or use internal labor, if possible.

Q. What sizes are available?

A. 3M, 6M, 12M, 24M, 2T, 47, 6, 8 10

Q. Will we be expanding your line this year?

A. Anything that we do during this indicate is an expansion!! But yes, we wish to have 12 collections this year and afterwards supplement on to that subsequent year.

Q. When can we demeanour brazen to a new designs?

A. We will recover a collection any month and we wish to boost that as we grow. We will announce a new styles and sales on a Facebook page so that is a best approach to stay stream on new releases.

Q. What has been your favorite object so far?

A. The burble dress that is partial of a Garden Party Collection is my favorite currently, though we am so vehement about a float fit that is in a pattern proviso for recover this summer. It is selected with a cabbage rose fabric and we am unequivocally vehement about how it is entrance together!

Q. Where can we find Callie Baby- locally? Online?

A. Online during calliebaby.com and facebook.com/calliebabykids. Also demeanour for us during internal festivals and events in and around Charlotte this spring. We will be during a Metrolina Expo Mar 5th – 8th and Apr 1th – 5th.

You can find information at:

Website: calliebaby.com

Facebook page: Facebook/calliebabykids

Twitter: @Calliebabykids

Instagram: Calliebabykids

Facebook and Instagram are a best ways to stay sensitive of new releases and sales!

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