‘A Modern-Day Will Rogers’: Golden’s Fatherly Memories At The Racetrack

June 18, 2017 - garden totes

Father’s Day is Sunday, when loyalty is paid to caring and amatory consanguine members of a family via a land. Following is a observance of my father that seemed Sep 1999 in Gaming Today, a weekly announcement in Las Vegas:

My father died final week.

He had a prolonged and healthy life, until a final 3 months, when during 87, a asleep form of leukemia finally erupted. He died fast and peacefully, appreciate God, though prolonged before he went, he taught me roughly all we know about equine racing and handicapping.

I remember watchful outward Atlantic City Race Course as a child, my fingers probing by a sequence couple blockade as we stretched to hear Tommy Daly’s fractured call, while my father and his friends were inside personification a ponies.

This was prolonged before marks authorised children, before a days of Beyers, “bounces” and bute.

My father was a comedian. He went by a theatre name of Ken Barry (not to be confused with Ken Berry of ‘F Troop’ fame). Barry was a universe traveler, visiting countries from Africa to Yugoslavia, with stops in Hong Kong, Japan, Russia and Spain.

Oddly, he never played Vegas, though he achieved with vital stars such as Sammy Davis Jr., Sergio Franchi, Frank Sinatra Jr., Johnny Mathis, Jerry Vale, Phyllis Maguire, Al Martino, Tammy Wynette, Buddy Greco and many others.

He was a tragedian to a end, doing 21 shows on a comparison citizen circuit in Florida final winter. He regarded himself as a modern-day Will Rogers. His element was strange and topical, never unwashed or risqué.

He was an zealous overpass player, lived and died with a Phillies, and played a horses all his life.

He was once asked if he ever dictated to retire. He gave a respond of colleagues Milton Berle, George Burns and Bob Hope: ‘Retire? Retire to what?’

It was Ken Barry who taught me to observe horses in a post march and warm-ups; to investigate contingency moves on a receptacle board; to demeanour for poignant manoeuvre changes and post position changes; and not to disremember horses entrance in from an problematic circuit to run with a large boys.

Those observations still request today.

A few years ago, my father left his home in South Jersey, where personification a horses during Garden State and Philadelphia Park had incited into a bingo game, to suffer some vital joining racing during Santa Anita.

He asked me if we favourite anything a day he went to a track. we gave him a equine that won and paid $51.

I couldn’t wait to speak with him that night about his large score. A $51 winner. The child did his father proud.

Did we play it? we asked him eagerly.

Nah, came a honest response. we bending him adult in an exacta.

Ken Barry’s best equine story typifies a gambler’s mentality:

Two friends accommodate during a lane an hour before a initial race.

The initial one asks a second if he can steal $20.

“You can’t be pennyless already,” a second man says. “It’s an hour before a initial race.”

“Nah,” a initial man says. “I got income to bet. we need income to eat.”

Dad, interjection for a laughs.

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