A Decade Deep: Positioned, Poised & Prospering

August 11, 2018 - garden totes

After 11 years spent in corporate America, in 2005 we left during a age of 28 and took a possibility to turn an entrepreneur. we was handling a genuine estate growth and selling business in Boston and Costa Rica. Shortly after a financial fall in 2008, my business also followed. we mislaid all saved and gained and was broke, doubtful and though a plan. My then-partners and we looked during any other and thought, “What next?” we said, “You build me a biodiesel plant, I’ll build it to succeed.” The difference of Sir Richard Branson—“If somebody offers we an extraordinary event though we are not certain we can do it, contend yes, afterwards learn how to do it later”—resonated with me. 

It was here a son of a Boston train motorist and plumber sat, with hardly a high propagandize grade and no commodity, energy, trade or logistics experience. With an assertive 50-plus nation universe transport resume and 11 years’ knowledge in sales, operations and selling within Fortune 500 environs, my career in biodiesel was born. Our plant in Tennessee was built, feedstock streams were determined and biodiesel offtake agreements were plentiful. The business and plant were using as advertised. we detected that there was an contentment of event in a altogether market, and Universal Green Commodities was innate in 2010. An ex-partner of UGC gave me $100,000 to get a association off a ground. we paid behind a loan within a year and grew a business organically from there.

I remember a initial comment we cumulative for UGC. It was a organisation of Ukrainians from Brighton Beach in Brooklyn gung-ho to take over a NYC used cooking oil (UCO) collection industry. Picture a large Boston Irishman now vital in a Hamptons, pushing adult a Long Island Expressway into Brooklyn to accommodate this organisation during 4 a.m. with a approved bank check for $8,000. Back then, risk government procedures for new suppliers was usually being there to watch a tanker get installed with tangible UCO from a towering of 275-gallon totes, and not H2O from a garden hose. Yep, that was my life for a initial 5 years in business. Traveling a nation to opposite forms of characters perplexing to find out a convincing and benefit credit in a Wild West environment. I’m happy to news that a derivative of that Ukrainian organisation is still a unapproachable and constant retailer to UGC today.

Moving on to today. Doesn’t this repository feel thinner? You gamble it does. That’s given since biodiesel in a U.S. initial became commercially viable in 2006 usually a strong, moral and intelligent have survived. The fly-by-nights, a dash and dashers, bullion rushers and rapist elements in a space are, and should remain, a thing of a past. The bipolarity of a burgeoning biodiesel attention and all a inefficiencies, grey-players, legislative hurdles and anxiety-attack-inducing marketplace dynamics were, during a really least, crippling and strenuous for most. Survival in this space requires testicular restraint and a certain turn of crazy, and a ability to flower in difficult environments. we honour and will perpetually honour and be vacant by a entrepreneurs who fought a good fight, and for those who are still fighting today.

So now we enter a new era, one where a gaunt and meant embark on another marketplace expansion towards a subsequent decade. Can’t kick us, join us? Yes sir. Coprocessing. When a biggest names on Wall Street send their member that demeanour like a Monopoly man to small biodiesel feedstock events like The Jacobsen Conference in Chicago this year, we know change is coming. When Big Oil is reaching out to my boutique trade association to demeanour for guidance, deliberate and near-future alignment, we know times are changing.

Not usually is UGC a extensive full-service biodiesel company, though it has focused a past 10 years on developing, shaping, evolving, exploiting, capitalizing and handling a feeding of a machines with low carbon-intensity feedstocks. We have transacted with usually about each poignant remaining low carbon-intensity feedstock manufacturer in a country. We have a repute and operational know-how. We have mastered a feedstock furnishing business so a biodiesel manufacturers can concentration on their core business and aspirations.

In closing, UGC isn’t maybe a many successful, best capitalized, top marketplace genius or a largest volume renewable feedstock trade and logistics organisation in biodiesel history. However, a network is robust. Our lane record is flawless. Our logistical expertise is refined. Our prophesy is sharp, a goal is clear, a values are pure, a enlightenment is defined, a entrepreneurial suggestion is alive and a marketplace savvy is block and play. We are a equine we wish to back. After a decade in this space, UGC is ideally positioned for a destiny of biodiesel feedstock supply solutions and a logistical government compared with removing a commitments we make done.

We demeanour brazen to a subsequent 10 years of success with a partners, clients and vendors and wish success to all fighting a good quarrel to means and sojourn applicable in this formidable and ever-changing landscape of biodiesel.

Author: Jamie O’Brien
Founder and President, UGC

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