8 Creative DIY Ideas for Old Clothes

July 16, 2015 - garden totes

Old clothes happen. What are we going to do? Eventually, a t-shirt wears thin, a knees of a pants wear out and hosiery get holes. Still, there’s a lot of good element there, and it only seems a contrition to strip it aside. Surely, something can be done. Surely, there is some approach to commemorate that aged hoodie, a span of jeans that has been around for a final 5 years. This things isn’t garbage, is it?

Now, many of us know adequate to present any kind of wardrobe that still gets a pursuit done, and others of us know adequate to buy pronounced wardrobe secondhand. However, currently we need to figure out what to do when garments are too scruffy for donation, when we’ve already restocked a collection of rags finished of cut adult tees. With a small craftiness, aged garments can make some flattering heterogeneous and useful things.

1. Make a Quilt/Blanket


Hey, during some indicate everybody who has finished a coverlet has finished their initial one, and while it competence not have been a pointing work of art during a end, that sweeping substantially served a unapproachable purpose. All those patterns and cinema that once captivated us to buy a square of wardrobe can be preserved in a form of patchwork quilt. By a finish of a first, a theory is that those sewing skills will be many some-more fine-tuned and prepared for a subsequent one, after that a initial one can be means out of sight.

2. Multipurpose Bag

Some Tips to Upcycle Everything in Your ClosetNaturally Thrifty


A bag, from pencil pouches to totes, can always come in handy, and frequency do we have adequate of them around. This is a perfect, comparatively discerning plan for aged clothes, and it works even improved when aged buttons and zippers are also repurposed as partial of a bag. How many opposite forms of bags could come in handy? Wine present bags, a purse, a wallet, a reusable bag to reason all those bulk-purchase grains and beans, sewing kit, symbol bag, mechanism sleeve, to reason mechanism wires, laundry…

3. Throw Pillow

Some Tips to Upcycle Everything in Your Closet


For those who lounge, and that earmarks only about all of us, a good comfy sham — something informed — creates all a difference. Well, that aged span of pajama pants, a aged shirt, even those super snuggly hosiery can be sewn together into an equally appealing pillow. What’s some-more all a bits and other, reduction appealing clothing, can be thrown into a center as stuffing. For a rarely skilled, it’s also probable to make some unequivocally imagination pillowcases from aged button-up shirts, regulating a buttons as, well, buttons.

4. New (Old) Clothes


One of a many renouned ways to repurpose aged garments is to use them to make new clothes, and there are many, many options for doing this. Amongst my favorite of such projects are t-shirt slippers, that are radically indoor flip-flops, ideal for staying in slippers in a summer months, when a feathery chronicle competence be a bit too toasty. There are also scarfs left to skirts, jeans incited shorts, and all demeanour of other ways to make a aged things new.

5. Ruffle-y Rugs


Rugs, as we schooled from The Dude, unequivocally tie a room together, and all we have to do to have some new, super cold rugs is to tie some aged wardrobe together. There are many methods for creation rugs from aged clothes: knotting, crocheting, sewing, hula hooping. Yes, that’s right hula hooping. But, a brief and easy of it is that wardrobe creates for good rugs, thick and luxurious, full of tone and opposite textures to enjoy. Have one on a go that can only be ceaselessly combined to until it’s ready.

6. Place Settings


These are great, talented additions to a dining room table, and projects can be many some-more versatile than simply slicing a square cloth to put plates on. Seams can be rolled adult into some flattering nifty coasters. Old pockets can work as a kitschy approach for compiling cutlery, or strips of cloth can tie adult napkins (if a element is good enough, it can be a napkin). This can make for a truly singular approach of fancying adult a table.

7. Air Freshener

socksDr. Karen S Lee

The irony of an aged span of hosiery is that they are some-more or reduction processed to be atmosphere fresheners. After soaking them, deliver a tools of a sock with no holes. Fill them adult with potpourri — make it yourself — and tighten adult a ends. They are ideal for tossing into a dilemma of a closet, right subsequent to a sharp boots or in a cupboard subsequent to a rubbish can or atop a toilet tank or in a teenager’s room or in a automobile or in a day bag or wherever competence need a small scent-ual pick-me-up.

8. Compost

Why Composting is a Greenest Thing You Can DoJosh Larios/Flickr


Now Green Monsters, it’s puzzled that there will be many need for convincing we to use all-natural stuff, and wardrobe is no exception. Like any organic material, old garments finished from healthy sources can be composted and/or used for piece mulching when building a new garden bed. And, while this means a central finish of an essay of clothing, it also outlines and effective of approach of cycling organic materials rather than regulating adult some-more landfill space.

So, we should present what we can, wear things as if a resources and effort to furnish them matters and, then, in a end, see if we can’t figure out a approach to put them to some some-more good use. That’s how we can make a many personal of contributions to a universe struggling to keep adult with tellurian expenditure and waste.

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