6 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars Around a House

December 28, 2015 - garden totes

If you’re anything like me, we have a ton of dull mason jars as good as other potion jars laying around. Sure, they could be recycled, though there are so many other good uses for these jars. If you’re perplexing to move your family divided from plastic as good as cut down on costs in a kitchen and around a home, afterwards we can put all those dull jars that seem to amass on a daily basement to good use!

Not usually are these jars good for food, though they can also do a innumerable of other jobs all around your house.  Don’t worry if we aren’t good during a DIY projects we see all over Pinterest, these 6 ways to repurpose mason jars are super elementary – and as an combined bonus, they’ll save we money, assistance strengthen a world from some-more cosmetic rabble environment, and even looking a tiny cunning with usually some minimal effort!

1. Storage 

6 Great Uses For Mason Or Food Jarsjarmoluk/Pixabay

Mason jars are good for storing food, that competence seem apparent since that is what they were designed for, though some people seem to consider that they can usually do that pursuit once … and afterwards they need to be recycled. Glass jars are a ideal place to store all your bulk buys.

Things like rice, pasta, oatmeal and all a other tasty dry products we can find in a bulk section are ideal for mason jars. Your food will stay fresh, and since they are in see-through jars, we will be some-more expected to use them frequently. Plus, we can even tote a jars with we to a grocery store and fill them adult in a bulk territory (be certain to ask patron use to tare a jars first) to save yourself from regulating any additional cosmetic bags. 

You can also store homemade sauces, dressings, bulb milks, and other liquids in these jars.  Rather than shopping some-more containers for these equipment or regulating cosmetic containers, go for mason jars.

2. Fresh Flowers/Herbs

Mason jars or other potion jars make unequivocally pleasing vases.  You can arrangement uninformed cut flowers from your possess garden in any room in your residence or store a pleasing fragrance we picked adult during a farmer’s market.  Food jars can have singular and fun designs that will supplement a certain attract to your table.

They are also good for storing uninformed herbs.  When we get uninformed spices from a store or your garden, it’s critical to store them properly, so we don’t finish adult with a raise of wilted herbs.  One of a easiest ways to keep your spices fresh, frail and prepared to use is to keep them in water.  Wash your spices and shake dry afterwards put them into a jar filled half-way with H2O and cover with a paper towel.  Voila!  Your spices are prepared to go whenever you’re prepared to cook.

3. Plants

Speaking of uninformed herbs, we can use potion jars to grow your possess herbs and vegetables.  This is good for anyone vital in a tiny unit or home.  Many spices can flower with usually a tiny water, some fever and don’t need a ton of room to grow.  You can also regrow some vegetables, like celery or immature onions, in theses jars right in your house.

If we do have a garden and like to grow a accumulation of produce, mason or other potion jars make a good place to start your seeds before we send them outside.

4. Terrarium 

 14220203417_a94735ec50_zStacie DaPonte/Flickr


If we don’t wish to grow your possess vegetables or spices though still like to have a tiny immature around your house, check out making your possess terrarium.  Glass jars are a good home for terrariums and we can have one in each room if we wanted.  You can customize your terrarium to fit your tastes or compare your home decor.  And don’t worry about them being a ton of work, many need minimal upkeep and give your residence a good native touch.

5. Decoration

If we spend any volume of time on Pinterest, afterwards we know that mason jars are all a fury when it comes to decoration.  Many brides use them as centerpieces for their unfair stylish weddings or even as cups for a accepting meal.  You can get in on this breakthrough too.  You can paint them or adorn them any approach we would like.  Fill them with anniversary equipment like candy corn for Halloween, cranberries for winter, or silt for summer and place them around your house.  You can fill your jars with H2O and afterwards boyant tea lights in them for a overwhelming list decor.  If you’re super crafty, we could even spin them into light fixtures in your kitchen.

6. Arts and Crafts 

Beyond decorating your house, we can use potion jars to reason humanities and crafts for we and your family.  Fill mason jars with paint or H2O to rinse off paint brushes.  You can also fill them with glitter, punch a few holes in a lid and use that to shower your design with a glossy glow.  Store things like siren cleaners, string balls, pom poms, or any other cunning thing we have.  Jars will assistance keep your crafting area neat and orderly and keep things like paint and glue uninformed as prolonged as they are scrupulously covered.

No matter what we use them for, mason and other potion jars are a good thing to have on hand.  From food to plants to artwork, these are usually a few ways to use these jars around your home!

Image source: Richard Elzey/Flickr

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