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June 15, 2016 - garden totes

l am Jonathan Daniel Tote, l am 24 years old, l live in San Lucas Sacatepéquez, lt is a pleasing and tiny place in Guatemala, it is located distant from a city, so this is a small story about my life when l started to investigate English, so l schooled to pronounce English in a substructure called Juan Francisco Garcia Comparini, it is in Santiago, really distant from a city when l was investigate there it was so formidable for me since l did not know any English it was tough since l had to work in a afternoon each day, so l slept during 11 pm and l woke adult during 6 am each day though it was engaging for me since l wanted to learn this denunciation and now l can pronounce it, l am unhappy infrequently since my mom is ill and l customarily can't assistance her with some income since l do not have a job still though l am investigate in a module that is combined to boost a turn of English afterwards we can get a pursuit event in that company, Telus is a call core and it is one of a best companies in a country, so after l get a job, l am going to investigate in a university since it is one of my dreams, to investigate a career since l have not complicated yet. That is since my relatives did not have many resources, though now l will get a pursuit and l will would compensate my career. l wish to investigate to turn a counsel or architect, since one day l would assistance my family and some bad children who don’t have parents and l consider that building a foundation, where l can give scholarships in my city is good since there are a lot of children that do not have an event to study. That’s because l wish to grasp my dreams and assistance them, afterwards l’m going to buy a residence where l will be means to live with my family and buy a car, and my residence will have a pleasing garden, soccer margin and a swimming pool, where I’m going to play with my siblings, and live happily.

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