2018 Land of a Loon Festival exhibitors

June 16, 2018 - garden totes


001S BIRCH BOTANICALS Herbal remedies and organic skin products

002S 003S EMPTY NEST CREATIONS Home and anniversary decor, tiny valuables preference

007S LORENZI LEATHER Originally designed, handmade leather bags, garments, and accessories

008S HAPPY MAGNETS Homemade magnets; over 200 designs: food, sports, holidays, animal, and many some-more

012S 013S NORTHERN ORNAMENTAL CONCRETE Concrete grass ornaments; steel and solar yard décor and garden stakes

014S THE NUTMAN COMPANY USA INC. Packaged nuts, corn nuggets, mixes, seasoned pretzels, fruit and bulb mixes, chocolates, and candy

015S 016S THE REDWOOD WAGON Laser, router, and embellished timber signs

017S 018S TIMBER TRAIL CRAFTS Homemade maple syrup, wood, and steel crafts

019S 020S SAC CALICO CTRY Woven rugs and runners, towels, placemats, quilts, list runners, calico creations

021S UP NORTH AIRBRUSHING Airbrushed beanies, shirts, hats and sham cases; personalized by customers’ pattern of choice and name

022S ADMIRAL PEARLS LLC Wish pearls and valuables for ascent pearls

023S NECTAR OF THE VINE Wine frappe; prepackaged epicurean booze slushie mixes in 21 flavors

024S 025S PDQ MEALS Handmade prepackaged epicurean discerning and easy casseroles; epicurean coffee, tea, and cocoa mixes, cracker snacks, dips, and cheeseball mixes

026S BEAR ISLAND ART FACTORY LLC Cut and fixed found steel and wood; embellished found steel and timber with a north

woods thesis

027S GLEEM DESIGNS Gold and argent china jewelry; handmade from wire, piece and gemstones

028S 029S DEWALL BROS. METAL CREATIONS Spoons that are cut/bent/ welded into opposite flowers or butterflies and embellished in a accumulation of colors

030S 030S+ BLACKWOOD CONCRETE INC. Laser engraved cups, petrify list tops, slicing boards, keychains, glasses, pet memorials, wooden signs

031S CLAY EXPRESSIONS POTTERY Hand-thrown pottery and slabwork

032S RAVEN PINE STUDIO Watercolor paper basketry and willow bellow basketry

033S MAKE ME PRETTY Repurposed booze bottle decorations with lights; some hand-painted, some etched

034S TERRI’S TREASURES Customized necklaces with earrings, ankle and wrist bracelets, and bookmarkers

035S 036S THE ZIPPER POUCH PEOPLE Handmade fabric zipper pouches in 13 sizes, accessories for a pouches, mouth service cozies, widen headbands

037S 038S DREAM DESIGNS Metal wall art embellished dual opposite ways, finished and stable with a transparent coat; strange designs

039S SELMA O’BRIEN Wire wrapped Lake Superior agates and other gems; repurposed selected valuables

040S 041S KRAMER WELDING Metal sculptures; decorative, singular steel lawn, garden and square creations

044S DESIGNS BY BJM Custom stay glow pokers and immaculate steel marshmallow sticks

045S CARICATURES BY ADNAN Live drawings of caricatures/ portraits regulating pencils and pastel paper

046S MAGICKALLY INTERTWINED Handmade wire-wrap jewelry, hair adornments, crowns, steel sculptures

047S+ 048S+ OH BABY BOUTIQUE Hand-sewn blankets, automobile chair covers, sham cases, dresses, scarves, bibs, totes, towels, dog collars

049S MOUSE – MIX Homemade, all-natural potpourri piquancy rodent and harassment deterrent; safe, with good smell for mice, deer, rabbits

050S KAT’S KLOSET Luggage identifiers/key fobs, stay-on pet scarves, badge holders

052S 053S

BRUSH CREEK BOUTIQUE Upcycled arts, wood, metal, glass; tender plants

054W 055W S J MAJESTIC SOAPS Natural homemade flashy bar soap; lye-based soap only like grandma used to make; healthy for skin and rarely moisturizing

056W DRESSES OF MINE Handmade summer dresses for women and tiny girls; sizes from 1 to 3XL; exclusively by Gloria’s Best

058W JD’S SALSA IN SECONDS All-natural seasonings for salsa, dips and cooking


Handwoven rugs in assorted sizes and fabrics, and list runners, tank toppers, mop rugs, placemats, wall hangings, handbags

060W DRAGONFLIES AND CARDS 3-D pop-up cards finished from paper or bamboo

068W MAGNETIC ELEGANCE Handmade captivating valuables for captivating therapy

069W JAYPETTO’S WOOD SHOP Handcrafted timber equipment including bowls, platters, booze stoppers, pizza peels, forged decoys

071W DAKOTA MAE DESIGN Handcrafted tradition valuables with lampwork beads, healthy

gemstones, argent silver, 14K gold, Swarovski crystals

073W PURPLE CONEFLOWER DESIGN Refurbished and recycled seat and home taste with a selected farmhouse aptitude

074W JANICE WALLACE Fleece blankets and pillows, fabric books, cross-stitch ornaments, towels, potholders, fabric baskets, crocheted ornaments, scrubbies, fleece scarves, and some-more

075W NORTHWOODS FOOD FACTORY, LLC Handmade fudge, fudge-filled banana bread, and candied nuts

076W CHASSIS Handcrafted light switch plates

077W KRINGLES CRAFTS Jewelry, keychains, zipper pulls, suncatchers, selected valuables bookmarks, ankle bracelets, kids bracelets, roof fan pulls, windchimes, bird feeders, yard art, and some-more

078W CHB CUSTOM FILLET KNIVES, LLC Handcrafted fish strap knives

079W ALEX ZAVES Copper/brass art, hand-shaped, welded sunflowers, kinetic sculptures, H2O fountains

080W RALPH FISKNESS Birdhouses, redwood signs

081W DEBRA ZUBROD Quilts, doilies, kitchen towels, scrubbies, prohibited pads, plate cloths, bonnets, booties, baby sweaters, bibs, receiving blankets, ornaments and some-more

084W RICHARD YACELGA Handmade women’s wearables such as skirts, tops, bags

088W NORTH COUNTRY FARM Goat divert soap (plus baby goats in a petting zoo area)

091W 092W WBR SERVICES INC. Windsocks, kids’ toys, magnets and garden flags

093W SPINNING WHEELS PUBLISHING Self-published author of children’s design books

094W DISHES TO DAISIES TON TO’S TARGETS Pinocchio toss, bows and arrows, marshmallow shooters, rubber rope shooters

095W 096W SOUTHWIND TREASURES Hand-dyed wardrobe and accessories (infant-6XL), batiked wardrobe (peace signs, ribbons, hearts), homemade tie-dyed equipment

097W CRAFTS BY BOB Bunk beds, deck-rail planters, cedar birdhouses, feeders, dais sets, soothing tip crawl and arrows, marshmallow shooters, grass bones

098W KIMBERLY’S FACE ART AND MORE Face portrayal masks to full faces, giveaway palm shine tattoos, and dainty henna designs

099W LITTLE BAG GAMES Originally combined games where we lift diversion pieces from a bag to play

100N DOODLE TOWN TOYS Handcrafted pre-school wooden toys, lift toys, retard sets, name-trains

101W NANCY’S DOLL DESIGNS Doll panoply finished for American Girl dolls, Bitty Baby, Wellie Wisher; boys’ clothes, sleeping bags, bean bag chairs, boots and accessories

103W TISCHER PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY Landscape photography of a Lake Superior segment

104W D’MARIE Prepackaged epicurean food and more; laser engraved booze quotes on 12 oz. insulated booze tumblers

107N SOLE SHINE Natural henna physique art; proxy tattoos that final 1 – 4 weeks, protected for all ages

108N 109N COLOREBEL Handmade tie-dyed clothing; many sizes

110N WILD FERN SOAPS Herbal soaps, lotions, salves, carpet powder, sauna products, sprays, mouth balm, bath salts, sketch notecards

111N ICEHOUSE STUDIOS Portraits or caricatures drawn in 5 mins

112N WISECO INC. (DBA WISE GUYZ GADGETS) Handmade gadgets, organic crafts; bulb crackers, griddle tools, garden tools, turkey lifters, plant hangers

114N INTARSIA Art finished of tiny pieces of wood; timber signs cut out on site

117N DAN’S COUNTRY CRAFTS Birdhouses and feeders, musical tin work, handspun weave socks, birch bellow stars and baskets

119N FREDRICK’S FOREST Old tyrannise clock, wooden wagon, valuables holders, children’s expansion boards, golf round display, ladle arrangement rack, cribbage boards, stools, thimble arrangement rack, label holders

121N PURSE-ONALITY Handmade purses, totebags, purse organizers, wallets, cosmetic and transport bags

122N CARICATURES BY NELSON Live caricatures; three-minute animation portraits finished

123N MONKEY BANDIT GAMES Outdoor yard games and Monkey Bandit wear, stable coverlet play

125N COCO MOON Seasonal primitives out of fabric

128N HIDDEN PINES LEATHER Handcrafted leather products

129N CREATIONS BY HAND Sculptured, one-of-a-kind valuables finished from tender materials in copper, bronze, china

130N FIRE POKERS FROM MARS Unique glow pokers, roasting sticks for roasting marshmallows or hotdogs

132N BIRDFEEDERS BY MATTHEW Homemade birdfeeders, paracord bracelets and dog leashes

133N 134N SHARI’S BOUTIQUE Necklace sets, metal, abalone, rhinestone; steel and captivating bracelets; earrings

135N CRAIG WOKEN Handcrafted fur panoply and frigid fleece winter-wear, antler candle holders

136N CHERYL’S NUT BUTTERS Artisan healthy butters, 18 flavors of peanut, almond, cashew and sunflower; no combined sugar, oil or preservatives; no soy, dairy or gluten

137N MISTER DISTER BBQ Five flavors of BBQ sauce, dry rubs

139N 140N RED ROOSTER CRAFTS Wood signs, retard words, printed pillows and tea towels; assorted repurposed equipment

142N MINNESOTA EMU RANCH BIRD RESCUE Handmade emu-based pain relief, lotions, soaps, shampoo, physique wash, mouth balm; jewelry, design and egg art; products for people, pets and stock

146N 147N UNEEK TIE-DYE APPAREL Tie-dyed wardrobe and accessories from baby to adult

148N BELDEN WOODWORKING Spinners, rockers, sleet gauges, yard stakes

150N BAR BELL BEE RANCH Honey—Minnesota-grown varieties of wildflower, basswood, sunflower, dandelion, and buckwheat; beeswax and beeswax candles; raw, unprocessed sugarine

152N ASHLEY BETH POTTERY Handmade, organic ceramics and ceramic valuables featuring texture, carving, illustrations and glitter layering

154N C C DESIGNS Jeweled hair-chains and hair-huggers

155N 156N OFF LEASH COLLARS Handmade leather and fabric dog collars, leashes and accessories for all sizes of dogs

157N 158N DUSTABLES / WOOLDERNESS Mixed-media; hand-dyed wool, appliqué patterns and kits; signs; weathered timber frames and planters; scented room mists, oils and reed diffusers

159N GINNY MAE BEADED JEWELRY Beaded valuables regulating argent china and other beads and commentary

160N 161N PAM ROGICH Handmade, themed bird houses, sponge-painted and stenciled names

162N VERA SOCHA BOOK Book combined about Vera Socha’s life, Vera Socha’s memoirs

164N GROVELAND CONFECTIONS Handmade epicurean chocolates and confections

165N 166N SPIRIT POTTERY AND SCULPTURE An heterogeneous brew of organic and sculptural ceramic work finished from stoneware and porcelain clay

167N 168N THE RUSTIC ARBOR Unique art and home taste from reclaimed timber and steel

169N HALLE BAND Wide, smart headbands finished from spandex; good for men, women and kids

170N JINGLERS JEWLERY Jewelry combined from colorful anodized aluminum, coronet and steel; hand-cut, textured, hand-painted, shaped and built


174N 175N LEGENDS OF AFRICA Homemade healthy skin caring products

176N ART OF PYROGRAPHY One-of-kind wood-burning

pictures, tables, lamps

177N WEARABLE COINAGE Jewelry finished from coins around a world; rings, keychains, pendants

178N 179N JUNCTION CITY GARDEN CRAFTS Decorative garden art; handmade, squirrel-proof immaculate steel birdfeeders; colorful birdfeeders finished from recycled tires

180N ZAH CRAFTS Hand-painted and flashy clear manicure files

182N EMMA’S ROOTS Sewn bags, skirts, aprons, list runners, sham covers, owls, children’s skirts

184N ULTIMO COSMETICS Handmade vegetable makeup, creme primer, mascara, lipstick and mouth gloss, eyeliner

186N CORCORAN HOLDINGS Handmade captivating valuables

187N 188N WHISPERING PINES HANDCRAFTED Steel yard art, breeze spinners


190E GOURMET DIP KITS BY MATT Dried spices for dips to use with a accumulation of dishes

191E TURNING NATURE Wood-turned salad bowls, peppermills and salt shakers; wood-carved spoons and spatulas

192E JUST HEAVENLY! Goat divert soap, bath bombs, sugarine scrubs, plain lotions, mouth balm, men’s shred soap, vegetable makeup, deodorant and some-more

193E THERAPEUTIC MAGNETIC JEWELRY Magnetic necklaces, ankle bracelets and bracelets used for pain government

194E CREATIONS IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY Landscape photography; board and steel cinema in mixed sizes

195E CERAMICSOW Clay on a circle vases, bowls, platters, mugs and glazes

196E 197E EVERGREEN ART AND GIFTS Wood planters, birdhouses and feeders; country wood-framed pictures, planter chairs, flowers 199E BECKY’S BIBS

Unique baby boutique specializing in terry towel personalized appliqué bibs, patchwork bibs, relating belch cloths and some-more

200E DICIE ELI HOOVER Diamond willow and iron yard and garden ornaments; wall sconces

201E THE BUBBLE CONNECTION Handcrafted wire, wood, fibre burble wands and burble solution/concentrate

202E 203E GIFT WORK PLUS Personalized tradition designs etched, shadowy retreat engraved onto domestic design frames

204E EMILY’S CLOSET Doll clothes, doll beds, storage totes, backpacks, Victorian skirts, jeans, jumpers, spousal and bridesmaid equipment

205E DOG BARK AVENUE Picture frames, kids’ letters, yard stakes, provide boxes, control holders, dog plaques

207E INTI FAIRTRADE Jewelry finished with tagua nuts, coconuts and resin/ mill

208E 209E HANDMADE FUDGE/KEVIN’S CREATIONS Handmade workman fudge; handmade firestone candles

210E CARICATURUES BY DORINDA, LLC Caricatures drawn live in black and white or tone with veteran markers

212E NORTH WOOD FISH Chainsaw forged vast timber fish and cabin taste

214E DESIGNS FOR WINES BY STACY Hand embellished wine, margarita and martini glasses, and drink steins

215E SIMPLY HOMEMADE Homemade jams and jellies


For some-more information, revisit www.landoftheloonfestival.com. For some-more information, revisit www.landoftheloonfestival.com. Also see p. 28 for eventuality report and food vendors.

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