2016’s tip Master Gardeners respected by OSU (photos)

August 25, 2016 - garden totes

Thirty dedicated Oregon State University Master Gardener volunteers have been famous for use to their counties and communities.

The awardees are among some-more than 3,300 people lerned by a OSU Extension Service who share their believe of tolerable gardening and OSU home horticulture resources.

The OSU Master Gardener module and a Oregon Master Gardener Association, a nonprofit that supports a program, unite a annual awards.

Master Gardener of a Year

Jim Liskey of Sublimity was respected as Master Gardener of a Year. During a 10-year army in a program, Liskey has hold an array of caring positions during both a county and state level, including Oregon Master Gardener Association president. He’s been chair of Master Gardener Mini-College, Search for Excellence cabinet and Leadership Day. From 2008 to 2011, Liskey was obliged for a Marion County proof garden and now serves as garden upkeep chair and reserve coordinator.

The Master Gardener maestro has served as a coach for 4 years, helps out during a Plant Clinic table and has combined articles and been interviewed by a internal newspaper. He is now concerned with a Junior Master Gardener program, and was extensively concerned in a Citizens for Marion County group, that was instrumental in flitting a Extension Service district magnitude in 2015.

“He has served OSU Extension and a Marion County Master Gardeners in so many elemental ways that it is tough to suppose a module though him,” pronounced Gail Langellotto, statewide coordinator of a Master Gardener program.

Behind a Scenes award

Marsha Waite, an achieved pledge entomologist, has taught Master Gardeners in entomology and integrated harassment government in Jackson County for many years. Her eager contributions to a module assistance people improved know insects so that they can make sensitive decisions about harassment government in a garden. Waite, a Master Gardener for 21 years, teaches gardeners that by appreciating profitable insects and noticing that not all insects are pests they can revoke bomb use in a garden.

County Master Gardeners of a Year

Benton County: In 2011, Kathy Clark of Corvallis started a xeriscape proof garden during a Benton County Fairgrounds. Now she leads teams that devise to supplement pollinator, deer-resistant and low-maintenance proof gardens. Clark has taught with a Plant Problem Scenarios committee, been plant sale chair and co-chair and served on a county Master Gardener Board. She has common her gardening imagination by talks to Master Gardeners, village garden groups, use clubs and a ubiquitous public.

Central Gorge: Laurel DeTar and Kathy Lien are co-recipients of this year’s award. DeTar motionless to turn a Master Gardener in 2009 after participating in planting a Japanese Heritage Garden in Hood River. Lien became a Master Gardener in 2013. DeTar and Lien are co-leaders for a annual plant sale. DeTar oversees a potting parties. Lien organizes a vegetables and other edibles for a plant sale.  They also coach new Master Gardeners, that plays a vast purpose in maintaining volunteers.

Central Oregon: Jan Even of Edmond has taught a Master Gardener’s commencement unfeeling gardening category and is obliged for spearheading efforts to learn this category in Spanish. As county clamp boss she orderly educational offerings, recruited many of a presenters and came adult with a speaker’s apparatus kit. Among her other contribution, Even supposing caring during a Central Oregon Home Garden Show and a High Desert Garden Tour. She came adult with innovative ways to mix broadside for projects and educational events, that saved income and increasing publicity.

Clackamas: Since apropos a Master Gardener in 2010, Dee Linde has volunteered many hours portion clients during a Oregon City Farmer’s Market. In 2014, she served as Clackamas County Master Gardener territory clamp president, was on a annual cruise and a bill and financial committees.  In 2015, Linde served as territory boss and on many committees, including a program, audiovisual, membership and assignment and awards teams.

Clatsop: A Master Gardener from Alaska, Pam Holen took a Clatsop County Master Gardener classes within weeks of relocating to Astoria in 2009. She built a curriculum for a Growing Healthy Kids gardening module and assisted staff with classes. Holen managed a animal shelter’s pet accessible garden and started a high school’s Fresh Start project. She is now operative on a biodiverse garden during Columbia Memorial Hospital. Holen has had an considerable run on a territory house as treasurer, state representative, clamp boss and president.

Coos: Since completing their 2010 Master Gardener classes, Donna Rabin and Steve Richardson have been concerned in a plant clinic, Coos Bay and Bandon Farmers’ Market clinics, a summer kids program, plant sale, propagandize garden grants, coach program, Fertilize Your Mind convention and dirt contrast committees. As a hit for a Coquille Indian Housing Authority, Donna consults on landscaping and unfeeling gardening. Steve served as territory boss in 2014 and 2015.

Curry: After fast apropos a Master Gardener after relocating to Gold Beach in 2012, Carol Hobbs became a pushing force in a Riley Creek School Garden. She taught a kids how to generate succulents and assisted them in origination Mother’s Day planters. Hobbs also volunteers during a high propagandize greenhouse, training students how to generate and caring for plants. She coordinates helpers, leads students and others in origination garden art, and takes on vapid tasks such as watering and origination plant labels.

Douglas: Since apropos a Master Gardener in 2009, Toni Rudolph of Roseburg has put in some-more than 1,500 hours of proffer service. She has worked in a plant hospital and a satellite hospital during Kruse Farms, a counter during a Douglas County Fair and helped with a annual Spring into Gardening Seminar.  For 5 years, Rudolph has been really active in a Victory Garden, where all furnish is donated to a internal food bank. She has served as a category coach and helps with hands-on trainings during a greenhouse. On a board, she has served as territory treasurer for 3 years.

Jackson: During a past 5 years, Scott Goode of Central Point upheld Master Gardener preparation by assisting others know soils and a attribute between healthy soils and successful gardening practices. He taught village preparation courses in a dusk and on Saturdays, and to Master Gardeners in simple training classes. He has co-presented on dirt alchemy during a Winter Dreams annual gardening conference and was a site manager for a 2016 Spring Garden Fair, where he helped settle giveaway walk-in soils contrast services. Goode is a member-at-large on a Jackson County Master Gardener Board, and assists with H2O systems government for a proof gardens.

Josephine: Retired entomologist Judi Maxwell of Grants Pass became a Master Gardener 3 years ago and began training classes about insects to Master Gardeners and a village with a idea of compelling reduced bomb use by improved understanding. She also supports new and maestro Master Gardeners in a plant clinic, and leads educational margin outings to collect insects that are used in displays and for educational outreach. Maxwell was instrumental in substantiating an Insect Specialist Master Gardener lane in Josephine County.

Klamath: For 3 years, Master Gardener Patty Suprenant has been a vast partial of Mills Community Garden in Klamath Falls. Together with Dewey Moore, Suprenant remade a garden into a fun site with lots of activities. Today, a steer of kids planting and eating vegetables is common during a garden. She even helped to classify a late-night earwig celebration during a garden. Suprenant also helps other groups who are meddlesome in starting village gardens by providing recommendation during a formulation stages.

Lane: An active Master Gardener given 2007, Barbara Dumensil of Eugene is a unchanging proffer during a plant hospital and an active member of a compost dilettante committee. She is a plant evidence specialist, and has helped to sight new Master Gardeners on evidence procedures. Dumensil has served as a Lane County Master Gardener officer for 5 years as secretary, president-elect, boss and past president.

Lincoln: Heather Fortner of Toledo became a Master Gardener in 2013 and has already served as county co-vice boss and is now Oregon Master Gardener Association representative. She leads a elaborate territory of a open plant sale, and has been instrumental in bringing behind a monthly newsletter Coastal Currants.  As co-vice president, Fortner focused on organizing margin trips and hands-on workshops. She also scheduled a mechanism category for Master Gardeners who wanted to learn PowerPoint to assistance them learn classes.

Linn: After apropos a Master Gardener 3 years ago, Ranee Webb of Albany has been concerned in roughly any plan that Linn County Master Gardeners offer.  She was a pushing force behind a origination of a new, giveaway garden seminar array during a proof garden and a vital writer to a BEEvent Pollinator Conference and mason bee educational activities. She has been a coach coordinator and is heading new Master Gardeners during a assistance desk.

Marion: Carol Anne Armstrong of Aumsville has logged tighten to 2,000 proffer hours in her 13 years as a Master Gardener. She has been concerned in a plant sale for 7 years, portion as a perennials chair. She is constantly in a garden grooming, classification and entertainment perennials for this fundraiser. Armstrong also served as secretary and member-at-large on a Marion County Master Gardener Board. She concurrent a speaker’s business for 3 years, taught classes and wrote many articles for a monthly Garden Gate newsletter.

Tillamook: Debbie Lincoln has served as secretary, clamp boss and treasurer of a Tillamook County Master Gardener Association given apropos a Master Gardener in 2011. She has helped enhance overdo activities in Tillamook County by securing a counter for a Birding Blues Festival in Pacific City, a Tillamook Home and Garden Show and a Pacific City Farmer’s Market. Lincoln works in a Extension office, writes newsletter articles, has worked in a Learning Garden and been a satisfactory host.

Union: Gerry Zastrow of Cove is a new Master Gardener proffer though already her joining to research-based diagnoses and courteous recommendations advantage a internal Extension bureau and a community. In further to plant hospital work, Zastrow works during a Farmer’s Market and in Master Gardener classes.

Wasco: In 4 years, Bob Bailey of The Dalles has hold a offices of president-elect, boss and past president. He is now behaving as a plan coordinator and module coordinator for a Wasco County Master Gardener Association. He works with plant scholarship students during The Dalles High School, who have adopted beds during The Dalles Imagination Garden as a propagandize project. Bailey was a group personality for a fourth-grade Seeds and Soils program, and is now portion as Wasco County’s Oregon Master Gardener’s Association representative.

Yamhill: To boost educational impact, Gene Nesbitt of Newberg has worked to supplement educational element to a Yamhill County proof garden and has orderly educational events during a garden. He has also worked to start Seed to Supper in Yamhill County, already organizing a module during Newberg Head Start and during Grande Ronde. By including instruction in Spanish in Seeds to Supper and other educational programs, Nesbitt has stretched a strech of a Master Gardener Program into new Yamhill County communities.

County Behind a Scenes Awards

Benton County: Sophie Grow and Christina Clark have been selected for a Behind-the-Scenes award. Grow, who became a Master Gardener in 2014, helps classify and participates in a Corvallis Edible Front Yard Garden Tour. She led a Philomath Seed to Supper category for a past few years and has partnered with Strengthening Rural Families to offer a girl preparation member to a category so that families can garden together. As a Master Gardener for 4 years, Clark has concurrent a plant sale “dig and divide” parties. She also spearheaded a transformation to emanate Neighborhood Planters’ Kiosk (NPK), partnering with mixed village organizations to post gardening information in bustling neighborhoods.

Central Gorge: The county Behind-the-Scenes endowment went to Becki Montgomery and Helga Reece. Montgomery became a Master Gardener 2014 after relocating from Arizona where she was active in village gardens. She volunteers during a One Community Health Garden, and has put many hours into assisting during a Learning Garden. She is an instructor for a Seed to Supper Program, and is actively concerned with a coach module and plant sale. During her initial year as a Master Gardener, Reece put in good above a compulsory proffer hours. One of her activities was liberality chair during a winter training.

Clatsop: Pam Trenary, who has been a Master Gardener given 2013, famous that Clatsop County’s many manifest overdo projects are a information and plant hospital booths set adult during internal farmer’s markets. To pull courtesy to a booths, Trenary suggested featuring a common problem such as slugs during a booths. She done a hulk knock poster, printed OSU-approved knock control information sheets, and featured slug-damaged plants during a booth. That week, a counter available 4 times some-more trade than usual.  Other featured subjects enclosed deer-resistant plants, powdery mould and garden bees.

Josephine: Ida Toro has concurrent logistics for a annual Spring Garden Fair by identifying vendors, scheduling volunteers and training cashiers. She has also played a vast purpose in beautifying a Agricultural Building during a Josephine County Fair by organizing Master Gardeners to adorn a building to support a satisfactory theme.

Lane: Four-year Master Gardener Robbin Spraitz of Eugene is an strange member of a Demonstration Garden committee. Together with dual other Master Gardeners, she designed, planted, confirmed and is stating on a outcome of a four-seasons, low-maintenance garden.  She was also a member of a domestic movement cabinet that helped move some-more secure appropriation for Extension to Lane County.

Lincoln: Becky and Web Stiles of Newport perceived a county Behind-the-Scenes award. Becky has been a Master Gardener given 1986. Web assimilated her 10 years after in 1996. As a news media group they write articles, collect pictures, coordinate with a internal newspapers as good as Master Gardener activity leaders, to foster Lincoln County Master Gardener programs and events.  They volunteered as Master Gardeners in Montana, Washington and California before relocating to Oregon.

Marion: Richard Clarkson of Stayton attends all Master Gardener training classes and attempts to answer any questions students might have. This year, he worked with a tyro to support her on a category she had missed to move her adult to speed on a category content. He fills in for mentors in a Plant Clinic and works a table about once a week.

Polk: Harry Legleiter and PJ Plunkett of Dallas any perceived a county Behind-the-Scenes award. Both Legleiter and Plunkett have served on a steering cabinet for a Polk County proof garden and support with a annual plant sale.  At a Inspiration Garden in Independence, Legleiter loads mulch, totes gravel, digs holes, carries packages and explains planting methods. Plunkett is on a amicable committee, locates plants and identifies plants for a garden map. She combined a website for a garden, and is operative on q-codes that can be used for easy plant identification.

Yamhill: As a Master Gardener coach Lynn is dedicated to origination certain a trainees have a certain experience, can successfully navigate a training module and turn effective and active Master Gardeners. Lynn also works a plant hospital desk, providing assistance to a open with their gardening questions.

In 2015, Master Gardeners had some-more than 170,000 interactions with a open statewide. They volunteered some-more than 215,000 hours, a homogeneous of about 104 full-time workers in communities opposite Oregon, according to Gail Langellotto, statewide coordinator of a Master Gardener program.

– Kym Pokorny

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